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"I don't want to be like anyone. I want to be an apex predator."
―Barbara Minerva[src]

Barbara Minerva,[1] also known as the Cheetah, was an American archaeologist, who after locating the lost city of Urzkartaga, stumbled into an ancient ritual, and became the host of their Cheetah-Goddess.


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"You've always had everything, while people like me have had nothing! Well, now it's my turn. Get used to it."
―Barbara Minerva to Wonder Woman[src]

Barbara is at first sweet and kind, somewhat awkward, but endearing, falling into relationships too fast and always failing them. These constant failures and being pushed down by others take their toll on Barbara, as she gets more and more frustrated things aren't going her way. By the time she meets Diana and becomes her friend, she is on the brink of collapse, still kind and thoughtful, but much closer to breaking away from this demeanor.

When Maxwell Lord promises her anything her heart desires and Diana gets back her lost love back from the dead thanks to the power of the Dreamstone, Barbara finally snaps. She becomes jealous and greedy, wanting power and love for herself. Her transformation into the Cheetah shows just how far she's gone.

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