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For Evergreen Zoo's gorilla, see Charlie (gorilla).

"They never know what hit them."
"So, how do you know who you kill if you can't see their face?"
"I don't. Trust me, it's better that way."
"You fight without honor."
"Who gets paid for honor? Eh?"
―Charlie and Diana[src]

Charlie was an ally of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor during World War I. He was also a member of the Wonder Men.


Early life[]

Charlie grew up in Edinburgh, where he heard stories of ghosts and ghoulies.[1]

He actively participated in World War I as a sniper, but ended up going though some horrific ordeals which gave him long-lasting post-traumatic stress disorder.[2]

Fighting with Steve Trevor and Diana[]

Steve recruited Charlie at the Hangman's Arms in London for a mission to the Western Front of World War I for his sharp shooting skills. While sleeping on the way to their destination, Charlie woke up from a nightmare. Chief told Diana that Charlie "sees ghosts," a reference to shell shock.[2]

Later, when Charlie was needed to remove a German shooter from the top of a Belgian chapel, his trauma overwhelmed him, preventing him from taking the shot. He lowered his rifle and was taken aside to recover.[2]

After helping retake the village of Veld from the Germans, a grateful photographer insisted on taking their picture. He and the rest of the team then posed for the photograph.[2]

Post war and death[]

He died sometime later after the end of World War I.[3]


The photograph taken in Veld, Belgium was eventually discovered by Lex Luthor, who compiled it into his Wonder Woman files alongside footage of all the other metahumans.[4]


Charlie, due to having gone through some horrific ordeals in World War I, gained long-lasting PTSD, and depression, to the point of having a penchant of getting drunk and engaging in bar brawls.

However, seeing Wonder Woman's compassion and unbreakable spirit in action renews Charlie's hope, boosting his morale and energizing him past the point of purely monetary interests, to the point that Charlie sings and plays the piano for the first time in years after the battle. While still having somewhat low self-esteem and being skeptical of Wonder Woman's story of Ares, he promptly continues on with the Wonder Men upon her encouragement.


"Charlie is an expert marksman. It means he shoots people."
"From very far away."
Steve Trevor and Sameer to Diana[src]
  • Skilled marksman: Charlie is a fairly skilled sniper, though his PTSD makes him somewhat less effective.
  • Expert musician: Charlie, despite having not practiced in years, is a highly skilled pianist, able to play even while simultaneously singing.
  • Expert singer: Charlie, despite having not performed in years, is a capable singer, managing to sing even while simultaneously playing the piano. Indeed, Wonder Woman claimed that Charlie's singing skills made him a valuable member of the Wonder Men. He was heard singing the song "I'll Walk Beside You" whilst playing the piano for a tavern.


"He sees ghosts."
Chief to Diana[src]
  • PTSD: Charlie's greatest weakness is his PTSD (due to him having seen horrific things in World War I), which leads to him having occasional nightmares and low self-esteem, though Wonder Woman's encouragement helps somewhat boost his confidence.





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