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Cesar Santos was a sex trafficker and one of the 18 confirmed criminals to be marked with the "Bat-Brand" of Batman in October 2015. He was later murdered in prison, via the orchestrations of Anatoli Knyazev.



Santos, branded by Batman.

Cesar was trafficking Asian women in Gotham City, keeping them locked in a cage, but he was ultimately discovered by Batman, who proceeded to brutally beat and mark him with his "bat-brand", leaving two police officers to pick him up.[1]


After being transferred to a prison in Metropolis, Anatoli Knyazev (per the orders of Lex Luthor) organized other inmates to murder him. Cesar was approached by a large inmate and stabbed several times in the stomach before he collapsed and died from his injuries.[1]


Lex Luthor then arranged for photos of Cesar's bruised corpse to be sent to Clark Kent (marked "judge", "jury", "executioner", and "justice?"), prompting the reporter to visit Gotham City once more to further look into Cesar's murder. He ends up running into Cesar's lover (with her baby child), who angrily complains about the injustice behind Batman's ruthless actions. This induces Clark to take a more direct approach to dealing with the Dark Knight.[1]





  • According to a police scanner, Cesar keeps his trafficked victims at a 1939 Harbor Way residence.
    • 1939 is the year Batman first appeared in Detective Comics.


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