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"Sameer's a top undercover man. Can talk the skin off a cat in as many languages as you."
Steve Trevor[src]

Cats (Felis catus, or Felis silvestris catus) are a species of mammals native to Earth. Cats are one of the most wildly domesticated fauna on the planet, with humans frequently adopting them as pets and domestic companions.

Cat cubs are called kittens.


Wonder Woman recalled saving a kitten from a tree while living in Washington, D.C.. Barbara Minerva also had a male cat named Spot around this time.[1]

Clark Kent saved an orange cat, along with a little girl, from a burning building at some point before becoming Superman.[2]

Lex Luthor mentioned Superman saving kittens from trees during the cleanup process after the Black Zero Event.[3] Bruce Wayne later referenced a puff piece published by the Daily Planet on Superman saving at least one cat from a tree, though he implied there were multiple such instances.[4]

Around 2017 a cat named Fluffy was missing. A paper massagge was left in a room of the Daily Planet building for informations.[5]

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