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"Being a pickpocket’s fine and all, but I got real potential."
―Cassandra Cain[src]

Cassandra "Cass" Cain is a Gotham City pickpocket who ended up orphaned, living her childhood in adoptive families. In one of her robberies, she obtained the Bertinelli diamond by taking it from Victor Zsasz, but to hide it when she was arrested by the police, she swallowed it, causing her to be targeted by the criminal Roman Sionis, sending Harley Quinn to recover it.

Cain befriended Quinn, but was betrayed when she handed her over to Sionis in The Booby Trap. Renee Montoya and Dinah Lance went to rescue her, with Helena Bertinelli killing Zsasz to her fate. Cain and the others had to band together to defeat Sionis, reconciling with Quinn. After Sionis's death, Cain left with Quinn to form the organization Harley Quinn and Associates.


Early life[]


Cain watches Harley Quinn compete

Cain watches Harley Quinn compete

"Let me guess. Parents?"
"Foster parents."
Dinah Lance and Cassandra Cain[src]

Cassandra Cain was orphaned until she was adopted by adoptive parents, who were somewhat violent and abusive, this led to Cain regularly stealing things from people using her abilities. Cain also broke her arm, which led her to wear a cast. Cain visited a roller derby in skates, where she watched Harley Quinn compete.[1]

Meeting Dinah Lance[]

Cain talks with Dinah Lance

Cain talks with Dinah Lance

"Shit, you do have something on your face."
―Cassandra Cain to Dinah Lance[src]

Cain was outside the apartment while his parents argued until Dinah Lance, with whom he spoke about the situation, arrived and made fun of Lance's face, but saw that she did have something on her face, making them both laugh. Lance gave Cain money so she could eat something, with Cain thanking her.[1]

Manhunt of the Birds of Prey[]

Captured by the Police[]

Birds of Prey - Cassandra Cain confronts Black Canary

Cain is stopped by Dinah Lance

"What the hell are you doing here?"
"You're not the only one who makes money off of dumb, rich, white people."
Dinah Lance and Cassandra Cain[src]

Hours later, Cain went out to the street to steal some things, taking advantage of being in the crowd, tricking people by taking things from their pockets. Cain tried to steal from a woman who turned out to be Dinah Lance, who was disappointed in him for stealing from her, and warned him that one day she would get into something dangerous, but Cain didn't care.

Birds-of-prey - Cassandra Cain looks at diamond

Cain looks at the Bertinelli diamond

Cain continued robbing on the street and stole a diamond from Victor Zsasz while he was distracted smoking. When Cain stole a watch from an elderly woman, she was discovered and caught by the Gotham City Police Department. Cain tried to escape without success and she was arrested by the police while Lance and Zsasz tried to avoid her arrest to recover the diamond. While she was being taken away in the police car, Cain observed the diamond and decided to swallow it to hide it from the police.

Cain mocks Renee Montoya

Cain mocks Renee Montoya

Arrested, Cassandra Cain was taken to the police office, where she had to hand over everything she stole, until Renee Montoya arrived, who was surprised to see her again and asked her if she had an insult, although Cain was disgusted when she smelled her, since that Montoya was full of garbage. Cain insulted her by calling her disgusting and then sent her to a cell.[1]

Wanted by Harley Quinn[]

Cain sees Harley Quinn's fight

Cain sees Harley Quinn's fight

"Who did I just blow up?"
"Either someone who wants me dead, or someone looking to collect the half-million dollar reward on your head."
―Cassandra Cain and Harley Quinn[src]

Cain was in the cells with other prisoners until she was found by Harley Quinn, whom she recognized as the crazy roller derby player, who came to look for her to take her to Roman Sionis. Cain took advantage of the fact that all the cells were opened and managed to escape from her while Quinzel faced the prisoners who wanted revenge on her. While trying to escape, Cain was found by the Gotham City Hunters, who wanted to capture her, but Quinn arrived to protect her.

Cain after throwing dynamite at a bounty hunter

Cain after throwing dynamite at a bounty hunter

Cain helped Quinn burn off a hunter's beard with a flame lighter, however, she was going to be kidnapped by a hunter, fainting, until Quinn murdered the hunter, and then took down Cain to take her. Cain woke up and realized she was in a car with Quinn, trying to escape, but Quinn prevented it. When a bounty hunter tried to kill them, Cain had to throw a pack of dynamite to blow up the pursuer.

Cain confesses to having swallowed the diamond

Cain confesses to having swallowed the diamond

Frightened upon hearing the explosion, Cain asked Quinn what exploded, with her explaining that it was someone who wanted to take revenge for her or kidnap Cain for Sionis' monetary reward. Angry, Cain realized that she was chained and demanded her freedom, although she would get it if she gave the diamond to Harley Quinn, but she refused to reveal where she was. After an argument, Cain confessed that she had swallowed him, angering Quinn.[1]

Befriending Harley Quinn[]

Cain asks Harley Quinn for advise

Cain asks Harley Quinn for advice

"I mean, how do I be like you? Well, except for the crazy part. But other than that."
"Number one, no one is like me."
―Cassandra Cain and Harley Quinn[src]

Cain and Harley Quinn went to a supermarket to get food and things that Quinn wanted to use to get the diamond out of her stomach. Cain realized that she could use laxatives to go to the bathroom or she would be gutted, so she chose the laxatives, and he continued taking more things while she denied him, but Cain surprised her with his thief skills by taking the letter from presentation of her. She confessed that she would rather be with Quinn, since everyone wanted to kill her.

Cain meets Doc

Cain meets Doc

While they were looking for more things, Cain was impressed by everything Quinn had done in her life and eagerly asked her to know how he could be like her. Quinn agreed to train her, but without going through what she went through, and as a first lesson, the duo They stole everything they picked up from the supermarket. Cain and Quinn escaped to Doc's Place to hide, and there Cain met Doc, the place owner and Quinn's friend, as the two gave him his second lesson in choosing the 32nd dish.

Birds of Prey - Harley and Cassandra on sofa

Cain and Harley Quinn watch TV

The duo went to the room where Quinn lived, and Cain became disgusted with the place until he was surprised to see Quinn's pet hyena named Bruce, after Bruce Wayne, looking strangely at the beaver statue she had. Cain continued to inspect the place until he saw an image of the Joker, whom she didn't recognize, with Quinn trying to explain to him that he was her ex-boyfriend and the most powerful criminal in Gotham City, but Cain considered him a jerk. Afterwards, they both sat down to watch cartoons, starting a friendship.[1]

Attack at Doc's Place[]

Cain and Harley Quinn try to escape through the window

Cain and Harley Quinn try to escape through the window

"Hey, you'll ruin your nails."
"Thank you."
―Cassandra Cain and Harley Quinn[src]

During the afternoon, Cain and Harley Quinn had fun together while she continued giving him advice, painting their nails and eating until they were interrupted by the Gotham City Police Department, who came to arrest them both, so they tried to escape by window. However, a hitman threw a bomb towards Doc's Place, causing an explosion in the room, the girls survived, although they didn't find Bruce.

Cain waits for Harley Quinn

Cain waits for Harley Quinn

The duo left to meet with Doc and learned that he revealed their location as they offered him a lot of money, becoming disillusioned with him. Later, Cain sat down to wait for Quinn, who was calling Roman Sionis to sell Cain, in exchange for no longer being pursued, something Sionis accepted, and unknowingly, Cain accompanied Quinn to go to The Booby Trap.[1]


Cain is betrayed by Harley Quinn

Cain is betrayed by Harley Quinn for advice

"But I know that this shit stick... just tried to gut me. And you. Thought you were different."
―Cassandra Cain to Harley Quinn[src]

Cain and Harley Quinn went to The Booby Trap, where Cain was quickly tied up and tied to a bathroom by Quinn, who revealed that she had betrayed her to Roman Sionis so that they would not continue to pursue her, which made Cain very angry. However, she was found by Dinah Lance until Victor Zsasz interrupted her and threatened Lance into killing Cain, something she refused to do.

Cain points a gun at everyone

Cain points a gun at everyone

Luckily, Cain managed to free herself and took the murdered Zsasz's gun to threaten Quinn, Lance, Renee Montoya and Helena Bertinelli. Furious, she forced Bertinelli to lower her crossbow and everyone to calm down, and Cain vented because she didn't understand what was happening by kicking Zsasz's body, being disappointed in Quinn for betraying her. Cain continued to aim at Quinn until Lance grabbed the gun from her.

Cain agrees to work together

Cain agrees to work together

Cain listened to the argument between everyone until she saw through the window that Sionis and all the members of his organization were outside to kill them. Concerned, Cain cried because they were here for her, but Quinn revealed that this was not the case, since they had all made Sionis angry in some way, so Sionis wanted them all dead, and they all agreed to work as a team to get out alive.[1]

Battle at the Booby Trap[]

Cain grabs a grenade

Cain grabs a grenade

"So, forgive me yet?"
"Get off me!"
Harley Quinn and Cassandra Cain[src]

Cain and the girls were preparing to fight and were going to take weapons from The Booby Trap, but they found out that the Joker had taken them all, although they managed to find Harley Quinn's weapons in a chest. While they were gearing up, Cain grabbed a grenade to use. The girls prepared to fight and were attacked by the mercenaries and had to flee down the slides.

Cain receives advice from Huntress

Cain receives advice from Huntress

The group arrived at the center of The Booby Trap and were amazed at Huntress' murderous skills after she killed a thug. Cain had to hide while the girls fought the hitmen and she was helped by Renee Montoya. Afterwards, she spoke to Huntress, who gave her the toy car that her brother gave him before he was murdered, and asked her to lock up the children since everything will be fine, something she accepted.

The Birds

Cain and the girls leave The Booby Trap

She was saved by Dinah Lance and they both watched with shock as Harley Quinn somehow fought on skates. Cain entered the fight to try to help, but was protected by the other girls. After the last thug was defeated, Cain and the girls celebrated before leaving, but she was still angry at Quinn for betraying her. Happily, Cain and the girls left the place to go to Taco Dirty to Me and celebrate, but they saw Montoya being shot, and realized that Roman Sionis and the rest of his organization appeared to attack them.[1]


Cain is kidnapped by Roman Sionis' thugs

Cain is kidnapped by Roman Sionis' thugs

"Excuse me! I stole something from you."
"You slippery-fingered little turd."
"I took your ring."
―Cassandra Cain and Harley Quinn[src]

Cain tried to confront Sionis' thugs, but was captured by him and his other members in a car, with Cain warning the girls, in the car, she tried to escape and saw how Quinzel came to rescue her from her. However, the car would derail, but Cain would be taken by Sionis to Founders Pier to kill her.

Cain activates the grenade

Cain activates the grenade

Finally, Cain was found by Harley Quinn, but Cain was threatened by Sionis to kill her. Despite the situation, she and Quinn patched things up and she revealed that she took her "ring", the grenade, and implanted it in Sionis, since she already activated it, and they both threw Sionis, causing his death. Cain then happily hugged Quinn and they met with the others to celebrate their victory.[1]

Harley Quinn and Associates[]

Escape with Quinn[]

Cain returns the toy car to Huntresse

Cain returns the toy car to Huntress

"Yeah, yeah. I made the kid my apprentice. Call me a softy. I dare ya."
Harley Quinn[src]

Cain and the girls went to Taco Dirty to Me the next morning to celebrate their victory, with Cain giving Bertinelli the toy car back, thanking her for the advice. At one point, Cain finally went to the bathroom to manage to expel the Bertinelli diamond while the girls playfully applauded her.

Cain becomes Harley Quinn's apprentice

Cain becomes Harley Quinn's apprentice

After ejecting the diamond, she and Quinn escaped in Lance's car and found Bruce alive, wandering the neighborhood. They both sold the diamond and founded the mercenary organization Harley Quinn and Associates. After buying clothes to update her style, Cain bought egg sandwiches for herself and Quinn, and the two left for adventures as apprentice and mentor.[1]


"The inflection in your voice, the way you can’t hold eye contact, and the fact that you’re a filthy little thief, all suggest that you do."
Harley Quinn to Cassandra Cain[src]

Cassandra is free-wheeling and fun-loving, but has become weighed down by the burdens of her family life. She turns to pick-pocketing to support herself, but doesn't quite realize at first the danger it places her in when she steals a valuable diamond. She quickly comes to idolize Harley Quinn when she breaks her out of jail, admiring her spirit. She is shocked when Harley betrays to her Black Mask, but eventually forgives her. She is somewhat bigoted against white people, but working with Harley will hopefully change that.


  • Expert thief: She is a trained pickpocket, capable of using distraction and sleight-of-hand to fool people as she relieves them of her valuables. Though she has talent in committing the act, she isn't always quite so skilled at getting away when her victims soon realize that they've been robbed.
  • Expert escapologist: Cain was able to uncuff herself from Harley Quinn without her realizing.



  • Dynamite stick: Cassandra was handed this lit dynamite stick by Harley to throw at an assailant in a car.
  • Sphinx 3010: Cassandra used Victor Zasz's handgun during a standoff.
  • Hand grenade: Cassandra took this hand grenade from Harley's secret weapons cache.

Other equipment[]

  • Bertinelli diamond: She unwittingly pick-pocketed and swallowed the Bertinelli Diamond, an extremely valuable diamond that was a key to unlocking the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family. Harley Quinn tried to (and eventually succeeded in) get it out of her by heavily dosing her with laxatives, but there were those who were not so tender and were ready to cut it out of her.



  • Foster parents




  • In the comics,, Cassandra Cain is one of the world's greatest martial artists. She is the daughter of assassins and Batman adversaries Lady Shiva and David Cain, bred to become the perfect killer, taught fighting since infancy and never learning to talk. She later rebelled against her parents, and became a vigilante under the alias Batgirl and would get adopted by Batman. She would later become Black Bat and Orphan after passing the role on to Stephanie Brown.

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