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"Do you wanna ask stupid questions or do you wanna live? Which one do you wanna do?"
―Caspar Locke to Peacemaker[src]

Caspar Locke was a mercenary and acquaintance of Clemson Murn. He was hired by Amanda Waller to pose as the police captain of the Evergreen Police Department, so that he could keep Auggie Smith in prison and stop any investigation that would result in Peacemaker's arrest.[1] He was taken over by the Butterflies when they attacked the police station. The Butterfly inside him was killed by Peacemaker.


Mercenary life[]

Massacre in Nyasir[]

"Well, you've come a far way from the jungles of Nyasir."
"Yeah... and all the people you slaughtered there."
―Caspar Locke and Clemson Murn[src]

From a very young age, Caspar Locke trained to become a ruthless mercenary by learning assassination tactics. At some point, Locke allied himself with Clemson Murn to carry out a great massacre in the jungles of Nyasir, killing multiple enemies. Because of his special abilities, Locke was eventually enlisted by Amanda Waller as an infiltrator in some missions.[1]

Project Butterfly[]

Sent by Amanda Waller[]

"Waller said you needed my help."
―Locke to Clemson Murn[src]

When Peacemaker killed Annie Sturphausen who turned out to be a Butterfly herself, the Evergreen Police Department began to investigate the murder putting up the entire mission in risk if Peacemaker was discovered and got arrested. In response Murn requested help to Amanda Waller, so she contacted Caspar Locke to ask him to posing as the captain of the Police Department and keeping the Evergreen Police off Peacemaker's tracks for the time, so that he could intercept any evidence that would prove Peacemaker's guilt, which he accepted traveling to Evergreen.

Locke talks to Murn about the operation

Locke talks to Murn about the operation.

Caspar Locke was later promoted to Captain by the mayor of Evergreen under Waller's manipulation, so Locke visited Clemson Murn's apartment to speak with him, knocking on his window asking him to open it. Murn ushered him in and as Locke smoked, Locke reminded him of the massacre at Nyasir while Murn claimed to have changed since then. When Locke explained that Waller sent him to help him on the mission, Murn mentioned that the situation was delicate, so Locke promised to take charge.[1]

Meeting with Sophie Song[]

"Detective Song, you strike me as one of those uptight gals who pushes herself too hard to prove the men don't have one up on her."
"We get it. You're good. You take the rest of the night off, give yourself a well-deserved rest."
―Caspar Locke and Sophie Song[src]

As soon as he returned to the police station, Locke took it upon himself to manipulate the laboratory in charge of reviewing Auggie Smith's fingerprints, so that they pretended to be the same as the crime fingerprints. Auggie was then re-arrested while claiming to be innocent, Sophie Song watched the situation confused and one of her colleagues mentioned the fingerprint results to her.

Locke introduces himself to Sophie Song

Locke introduces himself to Sophie Song.

While Locke was playing with a miniature wooden ship, Song headed to the captain's office believing that Captain Miele was still in charge. To her surprise she ran into Caspar Locke, so she asked what happened to Miele to which Locke told her that he was replacing her after her poor performance in the Annie Sturphausen investigation and introduced himself to her as the new captain.

Locke talks to Sophie Song about fingerprints

Locke talks to Sophie Song about the fingerprints.

Sophie Song then told Locke that she saw Auggie Smith's fingerprints and they did not match the ones from the crime scene. Caspar Locke got up from his chair and asked if she had knowledge in fingerprint analysis questioning ironically if she didn't even have any certificate in forensic science, to which she said no. Sophie Song went on to explain how two innocent people testified towards Peacemaker as the culprit of the Sturphausen's death.

Locke calls Clemson Murn

Locke calls Clemson Murn.

Locke explained to her how Auggie Smith controlled the Aryan Empire, while Song tried to justify herself, however Locke told her that she was too upset and asked her to take a break, Song didn't want to accept the break but Locke forced her as an order, so Song backed off upset from the office. Once Caspar Locke was alone, he called Clemson Murn to let him know very briefly that the objective was accomplished.[1]

Chase of Peacemaker and Vigilante[]

"Oh, no, no. No, It was a Caucasian man, about five-and-a-half-feet tall. Red hair, striped shirt with a red tie. Had on a black mask and, uh... I think it was a... fedora. He just ran off saying... 'robble robble'."
―Caspar Locke to Larry Fitzgibbon[src]
Locke tells Song that she has no idea what's at stake

Locke tells Song that she has no idea what's at stake.

The next day, Song brought evidence incriminating Peacemaker for Annie Sturphausen's murder, finally ending with Auggie signing some papers and getting out of jail. As soon as Auggie left, Locke came furious to talk to Song where she explained how she took all the evidence to the judge and they issued an arrest warrant for Christopher Smith, annoyed with her, Locke let her know that she had no idea what was at stake and then he retired.

Locke calls Murn to notify him of the problem

Locke calls Murn to notify him of the problem.

Shortly after, Sophie Song prepared the police to go to Christopher Smith's house and make the arrest, once they left, Locke left his office and watched them go, worried about the situation, he immediately called Murn to notify him of the problem, Clemson Murn then called Peacemaker and Vigilante to warn them to escape the scene, eventually being chased by the police officers upon being spotted heading into the woods.

Locke guides Peacemaker and Vigilante to escape from the police officers

Locke guides Peacemaker and Vigilante to escape from the police officers.

Locke then accompanied the policemen and went to the place, observing how Smith and Chase ran into the forest weakening two policemen whom they left on the ground, but being stopped by a policeman who pointed a gun at them, so he decided approach and shoot the policeman in the head taking him to death. Locke then turned his back and warned Smith and Chase that there was a car up the hill that they could take to escape.

Locke kills the police officers

Locke kills the police officers.

Christopher Smith, not knowing him, confusedly asked him who he was supposed to be, to which he advised him not to ask questions if he wanted to live, so they decided to escape while Locke went to shoot two injured policemen on the ground who witnessed what happened, seeing that Locke pointed them out, they begged for their lives, however Locke mercilessly killed both policemen as Smith and Chase watched by running.

Murn After Reading - Post-Credit Scene

Locke starts laughing when seeing the corpse.

Left in the woods with the corpses, Caspar Locke started trying to make a sad face to avoid raising suspicion once the other police officers arrived. Locke then tried to make a face that alluded to crying, after asking one of the corpses if he was doing it right he started laughing, so he finally returned to focus by patting himself, trying to fake a sad face again, however, he would laugh again when he saw the corpse on the ground.

Locke gives false descriptions to Larry Fitzgibbon about the culprit of the murders

Locke gives false descriptions to Larry Fitzgibbon about the culprit of the murders.

Shortly after Detectives Larry Fitzgibbon and Sophie Song would arrive, Locke would then pretend to be sad, lying by saying that he had arrived too late when he found the bodies while Fitzgibbon mourned the death of his companions. Locke would then begin to narrate the supposed culprit describing him as the McDonald's character, Hamburglar, even imitating his sounds, however Song would leave and Larry worried about her also would leave.

Locke confiscates Peacemaker's diary

Locke confiscates Peacemaker's diary.

After returning to Christopher Smith's house where several police officers were investigating, Locke was found by Johnson who gave him the Peacemaker's diary explaining that he had found it among the pile of things on the house. Caspar Locke then took it by the hand and told him that he was going to confiscate it by keeping it in his vest, asking him to continue investigating the periphery of the Peacemaker's house.

Locke keeps the Peacemaker's diary in his office

Locke keeps the Peacemaker's diary in his office.

Caspar Locke then called Murn to tell him about the diary, to which Murn was shown to be unaware so he asked his team if anyone knew something about the diary. After returning to the Evergreen Police Department in the afternoon, Caspar Locke went to his office unlocking the door and, being alone, he took Peacemaker's diary out of his vest and put it in a locked desk drawer, to prevent it from being stolen.[2]

Attack on the Evergreen Police Department[]

Locke is killed when a butterfly takes over his body

Locke is killed when a butterfly takes over his body.

At night, the Evergreen Police Department was taken by surprise when attacked by a swarm of butterflies, Locke saw how the butterflies were heading killing all the policemen and decided to close the window door of his office, When a policeman went to the door asking for help, Locke shot him and finally multiple butterflies piled up on the window, which ended up breaking it. Quickly the butterflies flew towards him and one of them burrowed into Locke's mouth, killing him and taking over his body.[2]


"Among many items found in the search of Christopher Smith's home... was a diary, written by the suspect. Now the diary maintains that the world is inhabited by aliens posing as human beings. And it is the suspect's job to find and kill them. The diary links Smith not only to the murder of Annie Sturphausen... but directly to the murder of Senator Royland Goff and his family, and potentially victims... at the Glan Tai Bottling Company Plant massacre. Rest assured that every police station across the country has one mandate this morning. Find and stop the Peacemaker by whatever means necessary."
―Caspar Locke's butterfly[src]

The butterfly controlling Locke's corpse used his memories to locate the diary containing incriminating evidence against Peacemaker which the Butterflies then used to host a press conference ordering a manhunt against Peacemaker in an effort to slow down the 11th Street Kids' plans to defeat the butterflies.[2] The butterfly also remembered the apartment where his ally Clemson Murn was, so the next day the butterflies disguising themselves as police officers went to the place to find out what information he knew about their plan, killing him on the way.[3] The butterfly inside Locke eventually traveled with the other butterflies to Coverdale Ranch where they planned to teleport the cow away and avoid being found later, but it was shot and killed by Christopher Smith during a battle against Murn's team.[4]


"That psychopath murdered three cops."
―Peacemaker to Clemson Murn[src]

Locke was a sadistic, cruel and dour man with a demented sense of humor. He enjoyed killing, and made a mockery of his victims while he did it, demonstrating his psychopathy and the lack of mercy he had with the people he killed. When he was executing the cops that saw Peacemaker, he took an almost childlike glee in ending their lives and mocked their pleas for him to spare them.

After having killed the policemen, Locke tried to pretend to feel sad for their deaths to avoid receiving suspicions from other cops like Larry Fitzgibbon, however he ended up laughing at the corpses. He also enjoyed messing with the people under his command, by describing the man who killed the police officers as the Hamburgular. Once the Evergreen Police Department was attacked by butterflies, Locke showed concern trying to defend himself with a gun to escape the situation despite not being able to do much.



  • Psychopathy: Locke has no remorse over killed others and even seems to get a pleasure out of killing. Locke playfully murdered three members of The Evergreen Police Department, Even laughing at one of them from expressing emotions.


  • Beretta 92FS: Caspar Locke used a Beretta 92FS pistol to assassinate three police officers so that Peacemaker and Vigilante could escape without leaving suspicion. Later, Locke would use the same weapon while trying to defend himself from the butterfly invasion but was killed on the spot.





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