Major Carrie Farris is an officer in the United States Air Force. She is the assistant to Lieutenant General Calvin Swanwick, the head of operations of United States Northern Command.


Alien invasion

Major Carrie Farris arrived at Peterson Air Force Base with General Calvin Swanwick when an anonymous UFO (later revealed to be the starship of General Zod) appeared in Earth's orbit. She was later present when Emil Hamilton gave his briefing to Swanwick as to what terraforming was (via Zod's Black Zero and the World Engine working in tandem) and its apocalyptic danger to the planet, and to mankind.

Later, after the Kryptonians invaders were defeated, Farris was driving Swanwick, when a drone crashed to the ground in front of them. Kal-El (now called "Superman") then told the General to stop trying to find his address and information on him. She smiled in spite of herself as Superman took off again, in awe of the handsome alien.[1]

Doomsday incident

When Lex Luthor re-created the Kryptonian creature Doomsday, Farris was present while Swanwick was speaking with the President of the United States about how to respond to the threat.[2]

Clark's funeral

She is later seen attending Superman's grandiose military funeral, along with Swanwick.[2]


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Major Farris is a dedicated soldier and loyal to Calvin Swanwick, while also greatly admiring the alien hero Superman.




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