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"How'd you catch him?"
"We didn't. He surrendered."
Dexter Tolliver and Amanda Waller[src]

The Capture of El Diablo was the voluntary surrender of the pyrokinetic criminal El Diablo and a successful operation by the authorities to arrest him after killing his wife and children.


Born with pyrokinetic powers, Chato Santana eventually weaponized them to his advantage and draw him into getting involved in gang activity at age 17 by stealing cars, dealing drugs and selling handguns, becoming known as "El Diablo" in the streets of Los Angeles.[1]


Grace Santana discovered the criminal activities of her husband by finding a stash of money and a pair of pistols. The two had a heated argument, with Grace threatening to take their children away to her mother's. In a fit of rage, El Diablo unwittingly set their house on fire, killing his wife and children. Devastated and regretful of what he had done, he voluntarily surrendered to the authorities.[2]


El Diablo was arrested and taken to a federal prison. After being jumped by several other inmates in the recreational area during a prison riot, he torched the entire area, killing those nearby. Deemed far too dangerous for a federal prison, the fiery homeboy was subsequently transferred to Belle Reve, where he was put inside a container capable of dousing his fire. He remained in Belle Reve until being recruited for Task Force X.[2][3]