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"It's over, Deadshot. I don't want to do this in front of your daughter."

The Capture of Deadshot was a successful operation orchestrated by Amanda Waller to capture Deadshot by sending Batman to do the job with the help of the Gotham City Police Department.[1]


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"And you caught him?
"Not me, I just gave an anonymous tip to the right guy in Gotham City."
Dexter Tolliver and Amanda Waller[src]
Batman glides down to capture Floyd Lawton

Floyd ambushed by Batman.

One night while walking home from shopping with his daughter, Floyd Lawton was ambushed by Batman in an alleyway in Gotham. A fight ensues, with Batman commenting that he does not want to fight him in front of his daughter.[1]

Zoe protects Batman

Zoe stopping the fight.

Just as Floyd is about to shoot Batman with a gun, Zoe interferes by standing in front of Batman, begging her father not to shoot him. Complying with his daughter, Floyd lets himself be captured by the Gotham City Police Department.


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