Canada is the largest country in North America. Located in the northernmost part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Arctic to the north. It shares a common border with the United States of America.


In 18,020 B.C. a Kryptonian scout ship crash landed on Ellesmere Island, in what would later become Canada.[1]

Centuries later, traces of it was discovered by Emil Hamilton and the United States, and Canadian militaries. Whilst travelling in North America, Clark Kent learned of the ship's existence when he over heard two Canadian soldiers talking about it in a Canadian bar he worked at called Cassidy's. He traveled to the site to investigate it. He forged a path through the ice with his heat vision, and entered it and made contact with a holographic AI program with his father Jor-El's consciousness, from whom Clark learnt of his Kryptonian heritage and his true name.[2]

A costal village in Newfoundland,[3] on Canada's eastern coast, is where Arthur Curry takes up temporary residence each year during the winter. He brings the townspeople fish to help them survive through the harsh winter season there.[4]


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