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"We had trouble pinpointing the location, but it looks like the signal originates from Ellesmere Island, sir. Canada."

Canada is the largest country in North America. Located in the northernmost part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Arctic to the north. It shares a common border with the United States of America.



In 18,020 B.C., a Kryptonian scout ship crash landed on Ellesmere Island, in a landscape that would later become Canada.[1]


In 1820, Cassidy Pub was established in British Columbia.[2] Sometime in the 1950s, the Alert Station Base was established on Ellesmere Island supposedly to serve as a weather station. Both the United States and Canadian government went on to utilize the base as a listening post amidst the heightening tensions of the Cold War.[3]

UFO Sightings[]

A series of UFO sightings occurred in the Manitoba region between 1975 and 1976.[3]

21st Century[]

After 2006, Cirque des Planets, a Canadian circus, settled in Amusement Mile, a 24-hour amusement park located at 14 Cardinal Avenue on the north shore of Gotham City, New Jersey.[4] In 2012, NASA conducted a mission in Canada in the same place that Scout Ship 0344 was discovered a year later.[1]

Genesis Chamber in ship (1)

Kal-El explores Scout Ship 0344.

Whilst travelling in North America, Clark Kent learned of the alien ship's existence when he overheard two Canadian soldiers talking about it in at Cassidy Pub, where he worked at the time. He traveled to the site to investigate it. He forged a path through the ice with his heat vision, entered it, and made contact with a holographic AI program based on his father Jor-El's consciousness, from whom Clark learnt of his Kryptonian heritage and name.[2]

Attack on the Surface World[]

In 2018, Newfoundland was one of many locations struck by the Atlanteans. The tsunami attack resulted in warships being beached onto land with marine waste floating in the shallow waters near Newfoundland.[5]


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