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"Presidente Suarez… Es el jefe de seguridad de Jotunheim.[1]"
―Camila to Mateo Suarez[src]

Camila is a resident of Corto Maltese who served as the assistant of General Presidente Silvio Luna and his successor, Mateo Suarez.


"Presidente. The prisoner you wanted has been found."
―Camila to Silvio Luna[src]

When Thinker showed Starro to Silvio Luna, Mateo Suarez, and the Corto Maltese generals, Camila entered the room to inform Luna that Harley Quinn had been found.

Later, after Presidente Luna was killed by Harley, Camila received word from the head of security at Jotunheim over the phone, and brought the phone to Presidente Suarez to speak with them.

Camila was present when General Vera received the news that Suarez had died, declaring that he was now Presidente. However, just at that moment Sol Soria and the Maltese Resistance entered the room and opened fire on the generals, leaving Camila as the sole survivor.[2]





  1. Translates from Spanish to: President Suarez... It’s the head of security at Jotunheim.
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