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"Wow, Barry. This car is a thing of beauty."
Victor Stone to Barry Allen[src]

This Vision Gran Turismo was owned by the billionaire Bruce Wayne in 2017.[1][2]


Driving Barry Allen[]

After meeting Barry Allen for the first time at his home in Central City and recruiting him to join his team of heroes, Barry rode along with Bruce as they headed back to Gotham City.[1][2]

Saving the produce[]

While driving on the way back to Gotham City, a reckless Gardner Produce truck driver swerved, causing many blood oranges to fall out of the back of the truck. Barry Allen, briefly leaving Bruce's car to go get some more food after finishing his box of pizza, encountered this truck and used his super speed to put everything back in place before returning to the vehicle.[3]

Putting out the fire[]

"Let's take it for a spin."
"You mean the car? Like a joy ride? For fun? Umm... yes."
Victor Stone and Barry Allen[src]

Sometime later, Victor Stone and Barry Allen were in the Batcave admiring Bruce's car when Victor suggested that he and Barry take it for a ride out in the city. They wouldn't be out for long until Victor noticed smoke ahead which led to a building on fire. Victor hacked into the building's sprinkler system in order to increase the water flow to the source of the fire, while Barry used his speed to rescue several civilians from the building. The Fire Department would eventually arrive at the scene, putting out the rest of the fire. Victor and Barry drove back to the Batcave, and Bruce none the wiser inquired why the building smelled like a campfire.[4]

GCPD car chase[]

"You could have made that light. How 'bout I drive?"
"Not even Alfred drives this car."
Arthur Curry and Bruce Wayne.[src]

Bruce went on a drive through Gotham City with Arthur Curry, and Arthur criticized Bruce's driving for not being fast enough. After this, Arthur and Bruce noticed that a car chase was happening between a green car and the GCPD. Bruce proposed speeding up alongside the car, while Arthur stops it. Leaping from the car, Arthur used his trident and plunged it into the front of the car, stopping it in its tracks.[5]

Behind the Scenes[]

The car is one of a kind, custom made by Mercedes-Benz as part of a two-car product placement promotion along with Diana's convertible (which was not custom made).[6]


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