Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne
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"I named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy."
Harley Quinn[src]

Bruce is Harley Quinn's pet hyena that she bought after her break-up with the Joker.


Harley purchases him at Murray's Exotic Animals. Her excited reaction upon seeing him suggests that it was love at first sight. However, after Dave Murray implies that he'll accept sex as payment, he becomes the hyena's meal. The hyena, named Bruce, then lives happily with Harley following the breakup. She keeps him in a small bathtub within her flat. He is present when Harley Quinn brings Cassandra Cain into her flat and Harley introduces him. Cassandra is a bit stunned at first by him being a hyena, but quickly grows used to the idea. Harley pets him and shares licorice with him. When the flat is attacked following Doc selling her out, Harley believes him to have been lost in the explosions. She is delighted to find him alive once her problems are resolved, having spent a night wandering her neighborhood.[1]


Despite being a hyena, he has somehow managed to be domesticated. Harley Quinn treats him essentially like a friendly dog. He is quite loving towards her and she shares licorice with him, him eating one end her the other. He is alright around other people as well, sharing the room with Cassandra Cain without bothering her and spending a night on the streets of Gotham City without apparently harming anyone. When Quinn tells Cain that she named him Bruce after Bruce Wayne, he gives a hearty chuckle in response.




  • Dave Murray † - Former Owner and Seller turned Victim




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