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"Prepare for liftoff. And away we go."
―Briscoe departing from Belle Reve[src]

Briscoe is the pilot of Sheba, the helicopter used to fly Task Force X around on missions. He was the one to pilot the helicopter to Corto Maltese in 2021 for the Jotunheim mission.


Trip to Corto Maltese

Briscoe was ordered to transport Rick Flag and Task Force X to the Latin American island Corto Maltese. As they arrived, Briscoe gave the signal for the team to jump.


  • Expert Pilot: Briscoe proved to be a good pilot leading to Task Force X to Corto Maltese.





  • In DC Comics, Briscoe was the helicopter pilot of Task Force X, ferrying them around on missions in his high-tech, gadget-outfitted helicopter. He was rather attached to the helicopter, which he named "Sheba" after his deceased daughter, talking to it like a person, being protective of it, and even insisting on sleeping inside it. After several missions with the Squad, he was finally killed on their mission to Apokolips.



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