"You can take my army, you soft-bellied slug, but you will never have my allegiance!"
―Brine King to Orm Marius[src]

The Brine King is the leader of the Kingdom of the Brine. Atlantis's armies battled him and his kingdom in order to make him join them, but he refused their invitation. Before Orm Marius could kill him, Aquaman and Mera interrupted by attacking the Atlantean army, saving the Brine King from death.

After the war, the Kingdom of the Brine reunited with Atlantis along with many other kingdoms.


War for Atlantis

"Death to the Atlantean Hagfish! We will never bow down to Atlantis. We are going to give them a fight they'll never forget!"
―Brine King[src]

In order to force the Brine King and the Kingdom of the Brine to join his alliance, Orm Marius and his allies engaged him and the Kingdom of the Brine in a all out battle. Orm then singled out the king and cut off one of his pincers, but Nereus stopped Orm from killing him. While the Brine King surrendered his armies, he remained defiant and refused to offer his allegiance. Orm attempted to kill him but was interrupted by the emergence of Karathen, saving him.[1]

Reunion with Atlantis

Commanded by Aquaman, the Karathen, along with the Trench, attacked Orm and the Atlantean soldiers, Nereus and the Xebelian soldiers, and Scales and her Fishermen army, quickly defeating Orm and the armies. After the war, the Kingdom of the Brine was among the many kingdoms that reunited with Atlantis.[1]


King Nereus of Xebel considers him and his people brutish and only understanding force. The Brine King is brave, able to engage with King Orm Marius. He made the choice to not join Atlantis during the war, for which he was going to be killed, but held firm in the face of death.



  • Royal trident: He uses his trident in the battle to defend himself against his opponents, and to rule the Kingdom of the Brine.





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