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"Death to the Atlantean Hagfish! We will never bow down to Atlantis. We are going to give them a fight they'll never forget!"
―Brine King[src]

The Brine King is the ruler of the Kingdom of the Brine and a former adversary of Orm Marius during the War for Atlantis. After allying himself with Atlantis, the Brine King formed a friendship with Arthur Curry and Nereus, helping them in the defense of Atlantis and confronting Kordax's army.


Early Life[]

The Brine King came from a long line of Atlantean highborns from before the time ancient Atlantis sunk into the ocean. Years prior to 2018, he eventually became the ruler of the Brine Kingdom and likely fought in countless wars.

War for Atlantis[]

Battle of the Brine[]

"Join me or die."
"You expect me to adress you as 'Your Highness'?"
"Call me... The Ocean Master."
Orm Marius and King Brine[src]

In order to force the Kingdom of the Brine to join his alliance against the surface, King Orm Marius and his allies attacked the Brine and their king, who refused to surrender to Atlantis and chose to start an intense underwater battle. When Orm attacked the king, he cut off one of his pincers, and was about to kill him, Nereus intervened and prevented Orm from killing him, claiming to need him to make the alliance.

Furious, Orm once again offered to join him, but Brine King remained defiant and refused to offer his loyalty. Attempting to kill him again, Orm was interrupted by the appearance of Karathen and Arthur Curry, saving Brine King's life. With the power of the Trident of Atlan, Curry finally managed to defeat and dethrone Marius, becoming the new ruler of Atlantis. Thus, the remaining kingdoms were once again unified after millennia of separation.[1]

Arthur Curry's Reign[]

"It's just meetings all day and politics. I'm so bored, I don't even know which end of the Brine King I'm supposed to be looking at half the time."
Arthur Curry[src]

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Black Manta's Campaign[]

Attack on Devil's Deep[]

"The Brine Kingdom has not forgotten it's debt to you. You may count on us always."
―Brine King to Arthur Curry[src]

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Battle at Necrus[]

"My men and I can deal with these worms. Go now and save the prince."
"Thank you, Your Highness."
―Brine King and Arthur Curry[src]

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Revelation to the Surface[]

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King Nereus of Xebel considered the Brine King and his people to be brutish and only understanding force. However, the Brine King is brave, able to engage with King Orm Marius and making the choice to not join Atlantis in waging war against the surface world, for which he was going to be killed, but held firm in the face of death.

However by 2022, he seems to have mellowed out a bit from his brutish personality and was willing to help Aquaman find and defeat Black Manta while also simultaneously putting an end to Necrus and the tyrant King Kordax. He also has a sense of humor, teasing Orm about how Nereus doesn’t like him and didn’t give him a plasma rifle and complaining about how the same claw was cut off again. Ultimately, he seems to support Aquaman in the idea of revealing Atlantis to the surface.

Powers and abilities[]


Brine Physiology: As a Brine, The Brine King is an extremely powerful being, especially when exposed to water.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Brine King has enormous amounts of strength, due to his bulkiness and being an Atlantean highborn. He can strike multiple enemies with his claws with no trouble.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Brine King can survive getting his claw cut off twice. He also withstood hundreds of Necrus Zombies swimming towards him and trying to take him out, only for him to pinch them to death.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Brine King managed to regrow his claw that Orm cut off. He did note it took a whole year for it to fully return.
  • Superhuman Speed: The Brine King is able to run fast, as seen when he led his people into battle against former king Orm Marius and Atlantis.
  • Flight: The Brine King can fly through the water at high speeds with the help of his jetpack, using it to grab onto a pillar at the Kingdom of Necrus.


  • Combatant: The Brine King is a skilled combatant, able to engage with King Orm Marius of Atlantis. He was also able to use his claws to attack the Necrusian Undead and eliminate countless of them with the help of a few of his Brine soldiers.
  • Master Tactician: The Brine King has exceptional ideas to how to attack Necrus and stop Black Manta faster, stating to King Nereus ‘Great waves, Nereus! Your warship is powerful but it’s slower than a sea cow. I say we ditch all of this dead weight and travel light, hmm?’ . Although his plan was turned down, due to Black Manta’s allies being able to use the sonic cannon on him which disables the nervous system. He was also at a meeting with Aquaman, Mera, Nereus, and many soldiers in the Atlantis Royal Palace, talking about the sacred waters and how it’s held territorial.
  • Expert Leader: The Brine King was able to lead his Brine people into battle against Orm Marius and Atlantis, as well as assisting a few of his Brine soldiers against the Necrusian Undead when they swarmed the other Atlantean highborns and soldiers.
  • Trident Mastery: Presumably training all of his life to be the king of his people, he had to be extremely proficient in trident combat. Although he wasn’t seen wielding his trident during the Battle at Necrus, perhaps he lost it when he fought Orm and the Karathen emerged from the ocean floor, or he possibly left it at his kingdom.


The Brine King is a unique crustacean. He has one antenna on each side of his mouth, allowing him to sense vibrations or incoming threats. He has claws, which is capable of eliminating enemies like the Necrusian Undead. He wears battle armor that has crustacean features and a mask he wears to protect his face in fights. He also sports a jetpack on his back sometimes, which is most likely to help him move through the water since he is so bulky. Finally, he also obviously has crab-like eyes, which he claims ‘can’t close’ .


  • Royal trident: He uses his trident in the battle to defend himself against his opponents, and to rule the Kingdom of the Brine. He notably didn’t use it during the Battle at Necrus, instead using his claws as dangerous weapons.
  • Brine King’s Armor: The Brine King is always seen wearing this set of armor. It comes with a battle mask, which can flip down onto his face from the back of his armor’s collar. This armor has crustacean features similar to himself, including the mask.





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