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"Remember, the Brine are powerful, savage brutes, but a swift assault aimed directly at their leadership will turn the tide."
Nereus to Orm Marius[src]

The Brine are a four-legged, crustaceal subspecies of Atlanteans that live on the bottom of the sea. They are denizens of the Kingdom of the Brine located on a tectonically active rift Nereus considers them a brutish people who only understand force. The Brine are led by a king whomst Orm Marius defeated in combat during the Battle of the Brine.[1]



When Atlantis sank, the remains of the city then transformed into the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, one of which became the Brine.[1]

Battle of the Brine[]

In 2018, the Brine went to war against Atlantis by not agreeing to join them, King Orm Marius tried to assassinate their king, however, Arthur Curry arrived and with the power of the Trident of Atlan, stopped the war, re-unifying the kingdoms of Atlantis.[1]

Battle at Necrus[]

To be added[2]


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