"Mayday! This is the Bright Aurora calling all ships in the vicinity. We've had an explosion and the platform is on fire. Numerous survivors are in the water!"
―Bright Aurora dispatcher[src]

The Bright Aurora[1] is an offshore oil rig located in the Bering Sea, just off the coast of Alaska.


Rescue at the Bright Aurora

In 2013, the Bright Aurora suffered an explosion, causing the platform to go into critical meltdown. Clark Kent, operating as a greenhorn aboard the Debbie Sue, heard the distress call come in before Ivar Heraldson directed the boat toward the drilling platform.

MOS Clark climbing the Bright Aurora

Clark climbing the Bright Aurora

When the boat arrived, Clark snuck off and began climbing the oil rig. Once aboard, he barreled through the walls of the rig, opening an escape route for a group of engineers he stumbled upon. When he asked if there were any other survivors, one of the engineers told him to forget about them, as they were likely dead or soon would be, but Clark went back in for them.

Clark struggles to hold up an oil rig

Clark holds up the drilling derrick

Using his x-ray vision, he located the last group of survivors. Ripping the door off the hinges, rushing in as the men backed away fearfully. Clark had been enveloped in flames, and quickly instructed the men to flee. As they made their way outside, the drilling derrick began to fall onto the landing pad, where the Coast Guard had arrived to rescue the men.

MOS Bright Aurora collapse

The Bright Aurora collapses

However, Clark held it up enough that everyone was able to escape until the rig collapsed under him, driving him into the sea.[2]


  • Though the novelization of Man of Steel identified the oil rig as the Bright Aurora, in the film, the helipad shows the rig is called the Bright Arctic.


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