• BatFan2099

    Hit List

    June 28, 2020 by BatFan2099
    • Man of Steel (2013)
    • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Check
    • Suicide Squad (2016)
    • Wonder Woman (2017)
    • Justice League (2017) - Check
    • Aquaman (2018) - Check
    • Shazam! (2019) - Check
    • Birds of Prey (2020)
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  • Isaiahpayne1996


    2 Villains

    Cheetah & Maxwell Lord

    Wonder Woman: Earth To Mars

    4 Heroes

    Black Canary, Donna Troy, Starfire & Raven

    5 Villains

    Circe, Giganta, Dark Angel, Medusa & Genocide

    2 Non-Villains

    Egg Fu & Doctor Psycho

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  • Bronlyz

    super fan

    December 15, 2019 by Bronlyz
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    Tabbers on Infoboxes

    November 19, 2019 by LIGHTNING HAWK

    Should tabbers be introduced in infoboxes for Super Heroes/Villains and their civillian alter-egos?

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  • Nomad16

    Ok, we have had some major villains in the DCEU, like Zod, Lex Luthor, Ares, Steppenwolf, and Orm, and we all know that Black Mask is going to be the main villain of Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Black Manta is probably going to be the main villain of Aquaman 2, and Darkseid will definitely be the main villain of The New Gods and the whole DCEU. but what next? Who will be the next main villains of the DCEU?

    Here are some choices (the names that are bolded are my choices):

    Wonder Woman 1984: Cheetah or Maxwell Lord

    The Batman: Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, or Carmine Falcone

    The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Amanda Waller, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher, King Shark, Javelin, Blackguard, Savant, Mongal…

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  • Jaora Var-El

    Hey guys, I'm working on a little translating project in MoS Kryptonian where I'm trying to at least transliterate some words I found in the movie, but I'm having a bit of trouble identifying what letters are being used. I think some fresh eyes would help a bit, so if you have the time, please let me know what you think the words are. There are three pictures, the screen times for them being 1:46:56, 1:47:00, and 1:19:25 in the movie Man of Steel. I've added pictures for each of those times, but they aren't the clearest and I've had to highlight the letters in the first two images. I have also added Darren Doyle's MoS Kryptonian chart which lists every possible letter. Thank you so much for your help and contributions!

    For those of you who …

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  • Nomad16

    JJ Abrams Director?

    September 29, 2019 by Nomad16

    Who here believe the rumors that JJ Abrams is directing the Untitled Superman Sequel, also known as Man of Steel 2, and possibly Green Lantern Corps?

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  • Nomad16

    Lex Luthor's League

    September 17, 2019 by Nomad16

    Since Lex Luthor is forming the Legion of Doom or the Injustice League and since he is employing Deathstroke. Who else should be on the League?

    • Black Manta
    • Cheetah
    • Joker
    • KGBeast (possible revival)
    • Thaddeus Sivana
    • Riddler
    • Black Adam

    • Thaal Sinestro
    • Scarecrow
    • Gorilla Grodd
    • Captain Cold
    • Giganta
    • Solomon Grundy
    • Arthur Light
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  • TheRadion

    Legion Of Doom

    September 14, 2019 by TheRadion
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  • TheRadion

    Justice League Members

    September 14, 2019 by TheRadion
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  • Kyle12ellis

    Just Say the Word

    August 4, 2019 by Kyle12ellis
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  • Rapid-Man

    Do you have any ideas?

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  • Arkham Fanatic


    June 16, 2019 by Arkham Fanatic

    Howdy, I'm Arkham Fanatic.

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  • Mite-Man16

    Hello, fellow DCEU fans. I've vainly tried to resolve this nagging question for sometime, watching the films these characters appeared in, noting their respective intellectual feats whilst also researching the Internet for a satisfying answer to my unquenchable curiosity but to no avail. And then it hit me - how could I've been so thick all this time as to not have asked the Fandom itself? Plus, I think it's an interesting topic for discussion, seeing as how these two beloved characters have both been regarded as supergeniuses, centuries ahead of their time, etc, in their respective universes. Personally, I view Lex as the smarter of the two, despite their considerable age gaps, with Lex being more of a eclectic polymath than Tony (having …

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  • FilmMan23

    I have been concerned about the status of the DC Extended Universe, because most of the movies have had mixed to negative reviews. But after Justice League's "box office bomb" (it's not really a bomb), the DCEU looks like it has a bright future, like the commercial and positive reviewed hits Aquaman (film) and Wonder Woman (film), and the positive reviewed commercial success Shazam!. However, the series has faced mixed to negative reviews before, like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League. But, the DCEU does have a chance to become a commercially and critically successful franchise. If some of you believe me or go against me, come talk to me in my message box to explain to me why you do or don't…

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  • Atheist723




    (Are they gone?)

    The demons are too scary for little kids. The disintegrating doctor thing a bit too.

    Mary is hotter in her normal form. Grace Fulton is 22 and Michelle Borth is 40 - the latter looks like a lost suburban mom. Also, while I'm not a huge fan of the older actress, she doesn't really even do anything in super hero form other than being tangled with the demon with tentacles! ...Oh boy. Anyway, Darla totally steals the show there.

    I quite like this film. I think the ending got a little stretched out and sloppy though and could be made more concise. I wish we had more time expanding on the characters of the siblings instead. Did the fat boy even say anything?

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  • PlanetStar

    Review: Aquaman

    February 9, 2019 by PlanetStar

    After watching a preview for Aquaman two months before I seeing this film for the first time, in the same theater by the way, seeing the battle and cool visuals of underwater city made me wanting to see the movie. Less than a week before seeing Aquaman, I saw Justice League where Aquaman is featured, including stopping the water gushing in to the tunnel. From the beginning to the end, Aquaman was probably the most action-intense movie I’ve seen of the year.

    The movie starts in a peaceful lighthouse in Maine next to a dock. Atlanna takes a live fish out of aquarium and eats it. There it introduces a five-pointed trident (maybe I’ll call it pentadent) which is Aquaman’s signature weapon. On the submarine, Aquaman was hit by a rocket, then guess what?…

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  • KennyOmega123

    The following is a list of all features, especially characters, who originally appeared in DC comic and were later adapted to the DC Extended Universe.

    • Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
    • Lois Lane
    • Dru-Zod/General Zod
    • Jonathan Kent
    • Martha Kent
    • Jor-El
    • Faora
    • Perry White
    • Lara Lor-Van
    • Emil Hamilton
    • Jax-Ur
    • Car-Vex
    • Tor-An
    • Bibbo Bibowski
    • Kenny Braverman/Conduit
    • Dev-Em
    • Kelor
    • Kelex
    • Lana Lang
    • Pete Ross

    • Bruce Wayne/Batman
    • Lex Luthor
    • Alfred Pennyworth
    • Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
    • Anatoli Knyazev/KGBeast
    • Mercy Graves
    • Barry Allen/Flash
    • Arthur Curry/Aquaman
    • Victor Stone/Cyborg
    • Silas Stone
    • Thomas Wayne
    • Martha Wayne
    • Doomsday
    • Emmet Vale
    • Jimmy Olsen
    • Jenet Klyburn
    • Steppenwolf

    • Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
    • Joker
    • Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
    • Rick Flag
    • Amanda Waller/Mockingbird
    • Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang
    • Chato Santana…

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  • MechQueste

    Blue Beetle

    December 4, 2018 by MechQueste

    The BlueBeetle film was announced recently.  It is possible as an entry for the DCEU.

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  • Atheist723

    A month before Aquaman!

    November 18, 2018 by Atheist723

    It comes out a week earlier here in the UK before US, I know. Might still wait a few days to get good seats. I'm excited and the trailers all look promising. I think Justice League is a genuinely good film and hoping this could be even better. DC Universe Online already released their Atlantis episode but I couldn't play it yet because of my broken laptop, just makes the wait seems even longer. Looking forwards to getting past all the work I have to do before the film release.

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  • Hellbeast1

    Heya everyone, now I'm sure you've noticed how big the superhero genre's gotten in the recent years. What was once a cinematic black sheep has now become what might be the highest grossing genre in years, with new installments of the MCU coming out every year as box office titans on par with Star Wars. Now naturally a lot of people have tried replicating the success of pop culture giants like the Avengers franchise and the very successful formula that made it possible, the cinematic universe, some successfully (Conjuring, MonsterVerse also seems to be doing alright as well) and others not so much (Dark universe, shudders).
    But one franchise I felt should have been huge is the DCEU, adaptations of some of the most famous of superheroes, lege…

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  • Cerbinwydd

    Wiki Maintenance

    May 23, 2018 by Cerbinwydd

    This blog serves as a list covering all projects on the DCEU Wiki that still need attention.

    All red links signify articles that need to be created. Redlinks signify that any article containing them is considered incomplete, as the information is incomplete. Redlinks are not to be deleted.
    • Fill and/or delete Wanted Pages (redirects should be deleted unless argued against)

    All pages should have at least one category.
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  • Jaora Var-El

    Who's excited?!

    May 22, 2018 by Jaora Var-El

    Who else is pumped! MoS2 is still a concept that's up in the air, but there's a possible release date in 2020. Can't wait!

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  • Jaora Var-El

    MoS Kryptonian

    April 27, 2018 by Jaora Var-El

    Hey everybody! As you've probably read in my bio, I've been studying MoS Kryptonian for a while via online web posts and the like. But if you know or have heard of any online places that discuss MoS Kryptonian, please let me know! I'm already aware of Darren Doyle's amazing website and Crave's Bluray explanation video. I'm also looking for the Man of Steel extras videos on Kryptonian weaponry and such, so if you know if those are on Youtube, please let me know! Thanks, guys!

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  • Cerbinwydd

    As you can see from my recent edits, I've been adding information from an article that details all of the stuff that was cut from Justice League, and I'm pretty pissed about it.

    As you can read for yourself in the article here, Read Zack Snyder's Version and All Deleted Scenes of Justice League, WB has clearly failed in nurturing the potential of the DC Extended/Cinematic Universe for the better. While Snyder's vision wasn't initially intended to be a trilogy, Justice League was going to be what filled in the continuity gaps and plot holes that are present in the Theatrical release that, for some reason, critics praised for being 'light-hearted', when that's not what anybody who enjoys the DCEU for what it was had been looking for.

    I speak f…

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  • Johndoe-m9

    When I saw trailers of the DCEU and the MCU on YouTube, I analyzed the comments that complain that MCU is better than DCEU, then some people disagreed and complained that DCEU is better while few people love both Film Universes like me. I mean what the hell is everyone's problem? You see, this is an example of Internet Racism because of this. Fan bases have been moaning that DCEU movies suck and praise that MCU is better. Seriously? This is turning into a all-out war with people who don't want to comment but watch cringing from several comments they see just because of some petty disagreement.

    Well let me get this straight, DCEU and MCU, you would know that some people would become savages over a useless struggle and fight like babies. Y… Read more >
  • 123BC

    Who was Barry Allen raised by?

    December 10, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow DCEU wiki users, I was wondering, who was Barry Allen/The Flash raised by after his mother was murdered, and his father was sent to prison? In the 2014 Flash TV series, Barry was raised by Joe West the father of Iris West, and we already know that Iris West exists in the DCEU universe, so does that Barry was raised by Joe West in the DCEU universe as well?

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  • 123BC

    Barry Allen's residence

    December 3, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow DCEU wiki fandom users, I was wondering where does Barry Allen currently live? The only place I can think of that he would live at is that abandoned building that he uses as his base, but seems unlikely as there doesn't seem to be a bathroom or a bed for Barry.

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  • 123BC

    Entrance to the Batcave

    November 13, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow DC extended universe wiki users, I was wondering, how Bruce and Alfed enter the Batcave? Since the Batcave is located underneath Wayne Manor, but after Wayne Manor burned down somehow, Bruce and Alfred moved into the Glasshouse, but as shown in BvS, Bruce is able to enter the Batcave via an elevator, as if the Batcave is located underneath the Glasshouse, so where is the Batcave located underneath, Wayne Manor or the Glasshouse?

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  • 123BC

    Batman's Cowl

    October 25, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow DC extended universe wiki users, I was wondering, what is Batman's cowl for the standard Batsuit made of? Because in Bruce's knightmare when he is chained up by Superman, who was very easily able to remove the cowl, which makes it look like it's made of rubber, but during the warehouse fight, when Batman is rescuing Martha Kent, one of the men shoots at Batman's head, which fails due to the cowl apparently being bulletproof, which makes it made of something other than rubber. So what do you think Batman's standard Batsuit cowl is made of? Please let me know. Thanks.

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  • 123BC


    October 23, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow Dc extended universe wiki users, I was wondering, does Lex Luthor know that Bruce Wayen is Batman or not? Please let me know. thanks.

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  • Hahahahaha123


    May 2, 2017 by Hahahahaha123

    Hi, I am Hahahaha123 and I'm a DC fan. My favorite characters are Hal Jordan, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Doomsday,... I love Green Lantern so I added a picture to his page, I hope you wouldn't mind.(It looked so empty and bland.) Anyway, if there is something wrong, fix it with letting me know.

    Thank you for your support!

    Best wishes

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  • Wildesheer

    Now that Joker and Harley Quinn are reunited, isn't it possible that the vision Enchantress showed her come be possible?

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  • WillNet31

    Despite many YouTube/Critic haters , not being available in the China BOX office, and so many other obstacles, Suicide Squad  made  over $745.6 million worldwide and as of tonight thousands within the Academy voted to give the film the Oscar for Best Hair and Make Up . Usually super hero films get nominations but do not win actually Oscars , Suicide Squad , a character driven movie, just accomplished that. It's kinda cool the new DCEU has an actual Oscar 3 films in, and FOX even the Marvel's MCU hasn't won (yet). Just think that's awesome.

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  • Mikaelhandigdo

    In 2020, DCEU will make a film called Green Lantern Corps, featuring both Hal Jordan and John Stewart. But now, i'm going to discuss about the film's main villain. In my opinion, I think they better make Red Lantern Corps as the main villain. I hope they will feature some Red Lanterns like Atrocitus, Zilius Zox, etc. I think the Red Lantern Corps should be a bad corps and they will attack and threaten the Green Lantern Corps so maybe Hal Jordan will help the Green Lantern Corps. Maybe Hal Jordan will be having a hard time to battle Atrocitus while the other Green Lanterns will help him battling the rest of the Red Lanterns.

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  • Mikaelhandigdo

    Man of Steel 2 idea

    February 3, 2017 by Mikaelhandigdo

    It is announced that Man of Steel 2 is going to be released. But we don't know when will it be released. I have my villain idea for that film. Actually, I want Brainiac to be the main villain while Metallo will be the secondary villain. So I think Brainiac and Metallo can work together to fight Superman. While Brainiac is attacking him, maybe Metallo can help Brainiac by weakening Superman with his Kryptonite heart. So later, Superman can find a way to beat both of them.

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  • Mikaelhandigdo

    I think DCEU needs to explore more about Batman's world. I want DCEU to put more Batman villains into the universe not only Deathstroke. What I mean are like Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane, Cat Woman, etc. But I think Riddler almost get a reference in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. And that's what i'm happy about it. Another think, i'm also happy that Penguin is in the DCEU, he is described as the owner of Iceberg Lounge. I hope that Joker will appear in The Batman. If he appears there, maybe he will be a secondary antagonist with Deathstroke being the main antagonist. Maybe Cat Woman will also fit in there, maybe she will be a mysterious woman who is an enemy but also a love interest of Batman.

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  • Mikaelhandigdo

    There will be a movie called Dark Universe, featuring Justice League Dark. And it will be 5 members. I think Lucifer Morningstar should be the main villain for that movie. I think it will be fun to see them fighting Lucifer. He's actually powerful because his powers include reality warping, nigh omniscience and immortality. Those are his powers in the comics. Let's see the DCEU version of Lucifer. But I don't know for sure who is the main villain for that movie.This is just my idea.

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  • Hank412

    It's Happening

    October 5, 2016 by Hank412
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  • DeTurbanator

    I'm a bit confused with this, if we italicize the movie, the books, and the TV shows, why not do the same with the comics? If so, I would volunteer to take care to go over all related articles to fix this.

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  • Teen Titan of Fury

    Cyborg Profile Pic

    September 6, 2016 by Teen Titan of Fury

    I don't know If you like it but here is a pic of Cyborg.  I don't know if you want it as Cyborg's profile photo so here it is.

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  • Mister Explicit


    Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to hear them!

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  • 8th Hero of Olympus

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  • Teen Titan of Fury

    What did you guys think of Suicide Squad? I did'nt watch it, but what did you personally think of the fim?

    Please, no spoilers.

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  • WillNet31

    Like most children I had an interest in super heroes. For that reason and many others I collected comic books growing up. Admittedly, I collected more Marvel Comics than DC mainly X-MEN due to the popularity of the 1990's cartoon. However WB's DC characters have always held a special place in my heart from comic books like "The Killing Joke", when Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by The Joker, and Commissioner Gordon taken to the edge, or Jason Todd's demise in "Death in the Family". I also enjoyed the 1980s/90s Batman Movies, and the WB Batman/Superman cartoons as well. As a young man in high school "World's Finest" was something I enjoyed very much. In my college days, the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy however took Batman to another …

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  • Xandermcc

    DCEU or DCTV?

    July 4, 2016 by Xandermcc

    I want to know which is the better world in everyone's minds. The world of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl, not to mention the Legends on TV, or the world of the Justice League and Suicide Squad in the new cinematic movies.

    Which one is the most engaging story?

    Which one is the most faithful adaptation to the material it's based on?

    Which one has the best action and effects?

    Which one has the most lovable characters?


    If you feel that this is an unfair comparison in any way leave it in the comments.

    I did this on both wikis out of fairness for this little contest.

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  • Swampfire1010

    I think Batman Beyond should have a movie that would be so cool.

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  • Douglaschan1994

    Many Scene was pay tribute to past movies

    • Fall to batcave(Batman Forever)
    • Giant Bat Deleted Scene(Batman Forever)
    • Graple gun Claw(Joel Schumacher)
    • Fall of Superman(Superman Return)
    • Son of Superman(Superman Return)

    that was alittle bit tricky,bath scene means that superman have normal sex. He may have a son in the future. This scene also made a contrast with bruce wayne that he bath alone:D

    • Lex Luthor use alien Technology(Superman Return)
    • Lex use henchwoman without any mercy(Superman Return)
    • Lex to Superman,Joker to James Gordon.(Killing joke)
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  • Douglaschan1994
    • Both once a fisherman,and walk on water
    • Villain Probe in high

    Lex Probe in Tower
    Devil Probe in mountain

    • Lance Stabed
    • Died once get alive
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  • Thegamingknight4272

    Remember that Jeep that Mister Wayne had in the 'Battle of Metropolis'? And the Aston Martin he had at the LexCorp party? Well I have a name for them.

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