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Blaze Comics is a comic book company located in Metropolis.


Blaze Comics is the oldest comic book shop in Metropolis and sells merchandise for Commander Courage and comic titles like Astro Teens. It has two levels and is located directly beneath the offices of Blaze Publishing. Besides the main branch, many other branches are also located within Metropolis.[1] Superman and General Dru-Zod flew past Blaze Comics during their final battle.[2]

By 2017, Blaze Comics still had posters papered upon some of the walls around Metropolis.[3]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • In DC Comics, Blaze Comics is noted as featuring Booster Gold and his alleged adventures, a time traveler who travels back in time to the present and becomes a superhero.
  • Their address is 1935 Cleveland Street on Fourth Avenue.[4]


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