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"Every time we strike gold, you strike gold."
―Black Gold Coorperative's tagline[src]

Black Gold Cooperative, also known as simply Black Gold, was an oil cooperative founded by Max Lord during the Cold War. It floundered at first thanks to Lord's lies and poor decision-making, but found triumph when he gained the power of the Dreamstone.



During the Cold War, Max Lord garnered investor support to buy up a series of oil fields across the United States of America that other companies had declined to purchase. They were dry and the cooperative would soon go under.

However in 1984, Max, with the help of the Dreamstone, managed to make strike oil from every single one of the oil fileds all at once. He also adquired all the values of the Stagg Industries. Investors, big and small, lined the streets around the cooperative's headquarters in Washington, D.C. to try to get a piece of the action, and within days the company was an international phenomenon that owned more than half the world's oil lands.

The situation escalated to a world crisis when Max Lord, with the aid of the Atmospheric Scatter Satellite trasmitted worldwide wishes to numerous people across the planet, risking a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, such events were avoided thanks to Wonder Woman.[1]

Known employees


  • The cooperative’s title "Black Gold" is referring to crude oil, which is basically what the company is founded on.
  • The phone number for the company is (1-800) [[1]].


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