"We're a small group of reactionary terrorists. We know that sin has brought on this plague of aliens."
―Black Clad Beta to Wonder Woman[src]

The Black Clad Beta was the second-in-command of the British terrorist organization known as Black Clad.


Rescue at the Old Bailey Courthouse

The Black Clad broke into the Old Bailey Courthouse in London. They killed the security guards, and took the workers, alongside an entire group of school students hostage. The Black Clad Alpha prepared a bomb, wanting to blow up several building blocks, claiming it will send humanity back to the Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, the Amazon superhero, Wonder Woman, stormed the building and used the Lasso of Hestia to compel the Beta to tell her their plans. He revealed that their leader had a bomb powerful enough to destroy several city blocks while the world media will watch. However, Diana took out the terrorists and neutralized the bomb.[1]






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