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"Down with the modern world. Back to the Dark Ages."
―Black Clad Alpha[src]

The Black Clad Alpha was the leader of the British terrorist organization known as the Black Clad.


Rescue at the Old Bailey Courthouse[]

The Black Clad broke into the Old Bailey Courthouse in London, killing the security guards and rounding up everyone else, including schoolchildren present, as hostages. The Black Clad Alpha prepared a bomb, wanting to blow up several building blocks, claiming it will send humanity back to the Dark Ages.

Wonder Woman suddenly burst into the room and neutralized his men in short order. She then quickly took the bomb, throwing it high into the sky where it explodes, stopping the Black Clad's plan altogether.

Despite this setback, the Alpha attempts to kill the hostages with bullets, only for Wonder Woman to block each bullet.

Staring in disbelief, the Amazon forces him to believe it, before finally defeating the Alpha as he was about to draw his gun at her. His defeat also destroyed a segment of Old Bailey in the process with the police forced to take cover.[1]


"I don't believe it."
"Believe it."
―Black Clad Alpha and Wonder Woman[src]

The Black Clad Alpha was a perfect leader to his team and he was surprised by Wonder Woman who considers herself a believer. He appeared ready to die for his cause along with his men, since there was no way they could have escaped the bombs blast range in time or escape the police who surrounded the building.