"We're a small group of reactionary terrorists. We know that sin has brought on this plague of aliens."
Black Clad Beta[src]

The Black Clad were a small terrorist organization operating in London, England during the War for Earth.

They wanted mankind to return to the Dark Ages and they show resentment and hate towards aliens.


In 2017, after arriving at the Old Bailey Courthouse, the Black Clad had taken out the guards and took an entire group of school students hostage. Their leader started to activate a bomb inside the courthouse, but luckily, Wonder Woman broken into the doors and protected the hostages with the Bracelets of Submission, took down the Black Clad members, and threw the bomb out of the building and into the sky as it exploded. And finally, Wonder Woman defeated the Alpha and freed the hostages, thus putting an end to the Black Clad.[1]





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