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"You went in to get us jobs, and all you brought back was a hamburger?"
Milagro Reyes to Jaime Reyes[src]

Big Belly Burger is a burger restaurant chain owned by LexCorp Industries. It boasts many custom products specific to particular locales.[1]


Big Belly Burger began in Coast City. However, after LexCorp acquired the chain, franchises began popping up all along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, with both Gotham City and Metropolis claiming the chain as their own. More than 20 operate within city limits of Gotham City.[1]

In 2015, Big Belly Burger announced it would open six new locations in Metropolis across Queensland Park and Bakerline.[2] By 2022, Kahndaq had at least one branch of Big Belly Burger which Karim purchased from on at least one occasion.[3]

While working with the alien item Khaji-Da at Kord Industries headquarters, Doctor José Morales purchased a hamburger from Big Belly Burger in Palmera City. However, in the midst of carelessness, the artifact was stolen by Jenny Kord in the hamburger box, which she gave to Jaime Reyes with the order not to open it.[4]


Products at Big Belly Burger restaurants vary based on locale. While Big Bellys in Gotham City have burgers named after famous Gothamites such as Bruce Wayne, restaurants in Metropolis are known for their custom menus that offer meat patties seasoned with minced olives.

All regions[]

  • The Big Belly Burger[5]
  • Triple Belly Flopper[1]
  • Double Bacon Classic[6]
  • Fat fries[1]

Gotham City[]

  • Dent Double[1]
  • Wayne Steakburger[1]


  • 100-calorie milkshake[1]



  • The Gotham City franchise's website is www.bigbellygotham.got.[1]
  • The Metropolis franchise's website is www.bigbellymetropolis.met.[1]
  • The Gotham City franchise's phone number is 1-467-555-0195.[1]
  • The Metropolis franchise's phone number is 1-637-555-0164.[1]
  • The Gotham City and Metropolis franchises are both open 6am-11pm daily.[1]

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