The Bertinelli Crime Family, also known as the Bertinelli Family, was an infamous criminal family located in Gotham City, New Jersey and Sicily, Italy.

They are known for having a diamond that contained the code to the family fortune.


The Bertinelli Crime Family was once the most powerful crime family of Gotham City, headed by Franco Bertinelli.

Their operations were legion, but they came to a shocking end when the entire family, save one, was brutally massacred. They possessed a vast criminal fortune which could only be unlocked by an artifact known as the Bertinelli Diamond.

The only survivor was Helena Bertinelli, the family's young daughter who was forced to witness her family's slaughter. Though it had been the intention to kill her as well, one of the gangsters could not bear this and spirited her away to Italy to be raised by his father and brother.

There, she underwent years of tough physical training before re-emerging as the Huntress, determined to get revenge on those who had taken out her family. She took out her family's killers one-by-one, but was unaware until late in the game that the entire operation had been carried out by members of Black Mask's criminal organization, with Black Mask himself at the head.[1]


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