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"This city is mine!"
"This city isn't yours. This city isn't ours. This city is theirs."
Starro and Ratcatcher 2[src]

The Battle of Valle Del Mar was the final battle between Task Force X and Starro to protect Corto Maltese. After releasing Starro, the battle began when Task Force X revealed themselves against Amanda Waller's orders, where Bloodsport led the team, ending with Cleo Cazo killing Starro after calling out a pack of rats.[1]


Amanda Waller to Task Force X before being knocked[src]

Task Force X, having been sent by Amanda Waller to destroy any record linking the United States to illegal projects at the base of Jotunheim, had to plant bombs that ended with the destruction of the base. However, this would end with the release of the Starro creature after spending 30 years locked up after its capture. Immediately after escaping, Starro would begin to mentally control many soldiers who were guarding the old base with his spores, and then go to attack the city of Valle Del Mar to destroy it and control it as revenge for his years of torture in Jotunheim.

Having survived the mind control, Task Force X would observe how the creature headed to the city, Waller would contact them to inform them that the mission was completed as the project records had been destroyed, notifying them of Starro's attack as something positive, as what the United States would view as promoting unrest by a hostile government in Corto Maltese.

The squad would then retreat a few steps, but immediately Bloodsport would repent, revealing himself against Amanda to defend the city, in which the rest of the members would follow Bloodsport, also disobeying Waller. Waller, very angry, would warn them to return, but by not obeying she would be about to blow their heads off with the nano-bombs, however her assistant Flo Crawley would knock her out, so that Waller's team could help the squad stop Starro.[1]


The Suicide Squad vs. Starro the Conqueror

"I'm a superhero! I'm a motherfucking super-!"
Polka-Dot Man's final words[src]

Bloodsport attacks Starro.

Waller's team would now help Task Force X by showing them the safest streets to get to confront Starro, so they would head there running among some civilians who were escaping scared to survive. The squad would eventually come face-to-face with Starro while he was attacking a building, so Bloodsport readied his advanced weaponry and began shooting Starro many times as he walked. Starro would become aware of Bloosport's presence and attempt to kick him with his leg, but failing, seeing spore-controlled people approaching, Bloosport would devise a plan to guide the squad.

DuBois would tell Harley Quinn to take the high ground, and then notify Nanaue that Starro was a Nom Nom, then he would start running to jump on top of Starro's limb and start biting him, however Starro would hit him against a structure. Bloodsport then told Abner Krill that Starro was his mother, seeing her as a traumatic hallucination from Krill, he would activate his gauntlets and start shooting explosive moles at Starro, causing him pain. Krill would feel like a great superhero for a small moment before being crushed by Starro, killing Abner instantly.

King Shark is pulled by Starro towards a building.

Starro would give a victorious scream, until King Shark would continue to bite him, so Starro would pull out tentacles from his extremities and throw him hard against a building that would fall near where Harley was, then Quinn would start to run for survival but the ceiling in the that stood collapsed. DuBois was surrounded by citizens infected with the spores who approached him, so he would take out a weapon from his suit and start killing the people who approached, one of these would throw DuBois's weapons to the ground, so he would draw a sword mechanics to continue, and then with a flamethrower.

Starro's defeat

"I was happy... floating... staring at the stars."
Starro's last words to Task Force X[src]

Ratcatcher 2 sends an army of rats to kill Starro.

The citizens started grabbing Bloodsport's arms as he watched Cleo Cazo about to get kicked by Starro, immediately to save her, Bloodsport would start hitting the citizens to escape, running to the car that Cazo was standing in and pushing her to survive. Cazo and DuBois would again be surrounded by infected citizens, however Bloodsport would not have weapons to defend himself, in that Starro would use a citizen to process a message, telling them that that city was his, in that Cleo Cazo would grab her rat communicator to call a herd of millions of rats. Bloodsport would try to cover his face due to his phobia of rats, while they were going to attack Starro.

The rats would climb onto Starro's body, and Starro, scared by not knowing what to do, would start trying to kick them as more rats arrived. In that Quinn would climb on a roof again to go towards Starro with her javelin, while Cazo emotionaly remembered her deceased father for using rats. Harley Quinn would jump sticking her javelin into Starro's eye, in that, several rats also swam into the eye to bite his veins that began to spread blood, Quinn would look happily at the nature of the rats that killed Starro.

Starro dies falling on the ground.

The rats would finish cutting his veins and would withdraw from the eye and then escape, while Starro died, he would use the body of General Mateo Suarez to send a message to the squad, saying that he had been happy living in space before his capture. Starro would finish dying and all the bodies he controlled would fall to the ground, while Sebastian and Quinn escaped from Starro's eye, then Harley would give Bloodsport a thumbs up signal to indicate that they won the battle.[1]


"That's just a taste of what is on the drive. I uploaded all into a secure server. Now if you kill anyone of us or my daughter ever sees inside in a prison, it goes public. If we all go free, it never has to see the light of day."
"I told you I make you leader, DuBois. We got a deal."
Bloodsport and Amanda Waller[src]

The battle would be recorded and was broadcast on WBGS News, while Tyla DuBois was in an orphanage, she watched on television how her father fought to defeat Starro, so she was astonished by her father's actions, emphasizing being her daughter to the other people in the place.

Bloodsport and Ratcatcher 2 after the battle.

A few hours later, Waller would get up from the knockout and contact Robert DuBois because the confrontation was against the mission's deal, while Cleo Cazo looked anguished at a piece of Abner Krill's suit who died during the battle. Bloodsport explained to Waller how she uploaded the project files to a secure server, threatening to make the information public if any of the members were killed, and if they were released, these records would never come out. Waller would then accept the deal and be forced to send the Sheba to rescue the members.

King Shark gets a hug from Ratcatcher 2.

In that moment, Nanaue would arrive who managed to survive his confrontation with Starro, for which he would quickly receive a hug from Cazo happy to know that he was alive. Bloodsport and Harley Quinn would then have a little talk about Rick Flag's death and his intentions to reveal the records, where Harley would mistakenly mistake DuBois for Milton's name. Finally after the talk, the helicopter would arrive to remove the survivors, so the very tired members went to the vehicle, upon entering they were climbed back to America, on the trip, DuBois would caress Sebastian in an attempt to overcome his ratphobia.

In revenge for betraying her by helping Task Force X fight Starro, Waller would send John Economos and Emilia Harcourt to recruit Peacemaker, who had survived the destruction of Jotunheim, for a new mission operated by Clemson Murn.[1]



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