"Is this what conquering is? Hiding from the fight?"
"Oh, no. You're all mine.
Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf[src]

The Battle of Pozharnov[1] was a final conflict between the Justice League and Steppenwolf.


"At last. Praise to the Unity. The three is one. Praise to the Mother of Horrors."

Now with the all Mother Boxes in his procession, Steppenwolf decided that it was time to seal the Earth's fate via destroying it like he did in the past with several other planets under the orders of Darkseid's Elite.[2] Steppenwolf and his Parademons went to Pozharnov, Russia[1] and once there, they decided to use a nuclear plant as their base of operations.[2]


Battle with Steppenwolf and Rescue of the Civilians

"Whatever you're in the middle of, it's spreading for miles. Satellites show civilians moving east. They're not gonna make it."
"Barry. I need you to take a walk."
"God, I hope this is east.
Alfred Pennyworth, Batman and Flash[src]

Alfred, while noticing bogeys on the Batcomputer, informed Batman of the civilians being in danger; luckily, he tells Flash to "take a walk" which he means go out there and run to the east side of Pozharnov to save the civilians getting hurt and killed.[2]

Superman's Arrival

"You're all too weak to see the truth."
"Well... I believe in truth. But I'm also a big fan of justice.
―Steppenwolf and Superman[src]

Eventually, Superman headed to the nuclear facility in Pozharnov, Russia, where he encountered Steppenwolf and begin aiding the League against him and his Parademons. He also aided the Flash in clearing any nearby civilians and in his case, he lifted an entire building full of them to safety.[2]

Separating the Mother Boxes

"Superman! We gotta pull these things apart. A couple more seconds, and you'll see your opening."
"Any blowback?"
"Big time. But I think we can take it."
"Good. 'Cause I really like being alive."
"So do I.
Cyborg and Superman[src]
Mother Boxes being seperated

Superman and Cyborg separate the Mother Boxes

Meanwhile, Aquaman and Wonder Woman managed to gain the upper hand against Steppenwolf and threw him onto a wall. Returning back to the nuclear facility, Superman began attacking Steppenwolf again, then used his heat vision and threw him into another wall to fall onto the ground. Then Cyborg called the Man of Steel over to the separation of all three Mother Boxes. They both were ready to do it according the Cyborg's plan to stop the Unity, so he and Superman both like being alive forever. Once the three Mother Boxes were removing themselves slowly, Superman managed to get his hands on them to separate two of them, which leads to a big explosion, and the sky of the Earth is back to its normal color.[2]

Though hit by the blowback it caused, Superman and Cyborg were alright.[2]

Steppenwolf's Defeat

Steppenwolf attacked by Parademons

Steppenwolf being attacked by the Parademons swarm

"I am the End of Worlds! Who are you to defy... this world is my right!"

The Man of Steel came to the aid of the others as they continued against Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman went in to strike the New God and Superman utilized his arctic breath to Steppenwolf's weapon cold and brittle, enough so for Wonder Women to destroy his weapon. Steppenwolf, now trembling in fear, was swamped by his own Parademons and escaped through a Boom Tube.[2]


The World's Greatest Heroes

"I'm glad I didn't miss this."
"So am I."
"Yeah. Now she's glad.
Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman[src]
Justice League (2017) team on rooftop

The Justice League after defeating Steppenwolf

In the aftermath, the heroes watch in awe as life now returned to the decrepit landscape upon the retreat of alien threat. Villagers returned to witness their saved home as the sun shone on the world's saviors.[2]

Bruce Wayne helped Clark get Martha Kent her house back by buying the bank.[2]

After the battle, the Justice League became widly known in the world for their efforts.[3]

Shortly before the Attack on the Surface World, Mera tried to convince Arthur Curry to stop Orm Marius by reminding him that he also saved Atlantis by defeating Steppenwolf.[4]


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