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The Battle of Midway City was a conflict that occurred between the forces of Enchantress and her brother Incubus, and the newly formed Task Force X, a specialized black-ops team, who were sent to evacuate and extract the Director of A.R.G.U.S., Amanda Waller.

The Task Force X were able to defeat the Enchantress and her brother once and for all, having their prison sentences shortened as a reward.


Amanda Waller's Agenda[]

After the death of SupermanAmanda Waller, became fearful that other Metahumans would bear hostile intentions and would turn against humanity, fearing the government's lacking any way to counter them. She proposed forming a task force comprised of expendable individuals with exceptional powers and abilities who could counter them, among the candidates was Dr. June Moone an archeologist who was possessed by an ancient and incredibly powerful mystical being knows as Enchantress. After the team was approved for formation, Amanda Waller alongside the Colonel Rick Flag, who was chosen to lead the team, traveled to Belle Reve where the former began to conscript it's members.[1]

The Gods' Awakening[]

One night in an apartment in Midway City, Dr. Moone was transformed into the Enchantress and she teleported to where the other vial, which contains the spirit of her brother, Incubus, was being held and released him. She then waited as Incubus built up his powers and after doing so, he possessed a man named Gerard Davis. Incubus quickly attacks and absorbs many people, in order to restore his true form before he begins to lay waste to the subway station. The US military and Midway City police arrive to subdue him, but he easily disposes of the infantry and policemen sent down against him in the subway.

Rick Flag, Dr. Moone and a team of A.R.G.U.S. soldiers were deployed to destroy Incubus using a powerful demolition charge, unaware that Enchantress was the one that released him. The Enchantress escaped and joined up with her brother heavily wounded due to the damage sustained to her heart by Amanda Waller. Incubus shares his power, healing her. Then she begins to put the next steps of her plan into motion: creating her army and an extremely powerful mystical superweapon. Incubus continues to wreak havoc in the city and destroy the military's attacks against them, he also contributes to the superweapon by lifting the wreckage of buildings and destroyed military equipment to the "ring" now hovering above Midway City. The military is forced to evacuate Midway.[1]


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Defeat of Enchantress and Incubus[]

The Task Force X, led by Rick Flag and Amanda Waller, defeated the Enchantress and her brother once and for all. Because of the team's success, they got their prison sentences reduced as a result.[1]