"All hands on deck. Say my name."
"No, not my name! No, say the name that I say to turn into this guy!"
―Billy to Freddy, Mary, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro[src]

The battle in the Christmas Village was the final battle between Billy Batson and Thaddeus Sivana.


Sivana confronts Shazam!

Billy sacrificing himself for his family

"I get it. I get what that's like. Feeling like you're all alone in the world. Feeling like there's that one thing, and if you could just find it, then you'd finally be good enough."
―Shazam to Thaddeus Sivana[src]

After the Ambush on Billy Batson, Billy received a phone call from Freddy, which he answered and immediately apologized to him. He realized it was Sivana who managed to use Freddy to track down his foster family and take them hostage and promised to them go if he gave him what he wanted. Billy then went to the roof of the apartment complex where he ran and jumped out of it as he transformed to Shazam and flew back home. Billy arrived to see Sivana and his family there and willingly abide to his demands. Sivana proceeded to create a spell on one of the doors that transported them to the Rock of Eternity in which the two left the Vasquez household. The two arrived at the site where the seven wizards held counsel as Sivana picked up the Wizard Shazam's staff. He commanded Billy to hold the staff and say the wizard's name as the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man watched them. They were interrupted by Mary, Darla, Pedro, Eugene, and Freddy who used the still active portal and told them to let go of their brother.


Billy and his family running from Sivana

Billy managed to strike Sivana and reunited with his siblings and tried to find a way out of the Rock of Eternity. Upon realizing the door Sivana made no longer worked, they came across numerous other doors and tried opening those, only to discover they led to entirely different worlds and locations. Billy, trying to see if he can teleport them himself, ended up bringing them to a strip club in Philadelphia he and Freddy once went to. Billy transformed back and decided that he and his siblings should hide at the Christmas Village, but Sivana noted his location from the summoned lighting bolt and swooped down to claim the Wizard's powers once and for all.[1]


"Enough games, boy! You think a pack of children can..."
"Wait, what?"
"You will beg for mercy as I feast on your heart, slow..."
"Are you making, like, some big evil guy speech right now or something? You're like a mile away from me, and there's cars and trucks..."
"I will have the world eating out of the palm of my hand..."
"All I see is mouth moving, I don't hear any..."
"Only I have the power to unleash..."
"Oh, whatever, screw it!
―Thaddeus Sivana[src]Arriving at the scene, Thaddeus Sivana called out Billy Batson for being a coward for jeopardizing the lives of everyone at this event, and demanded he showed himself. Although his family warned against this, he replied that he needed to protect the ones most important to him and confronted Sivana as Shazam.

Unfortunately, their fight was cut short as Sivana unleashed the Sins to round his siblings and used them as hostages to force Billy to surrender his powers. As Sivana recalled the Sins, Shazam remembered the wizard telling him to fill the thrones of their "brothers and sisters". Seizing the staff and repelling Sivana with it, Shazam tells his siblings to take hold, and say his name. After saying "Billy", he tells them to say "Shazam" instead. By saying "Shazam", a burst of lightning appears.

The Shazam Family

Billy with his powered up foster siblings

Like Billy, Freddy, Mary, Darla, Eugene and Pedro have all now gained the powers of Shazam. Seeing that Sivana is in disbelief, Shazam breaks the staff, leaving Sivana unable to steal the Wizard's powers. The newborn superheroes proceeded to face off against six of the Sins, during which time they rescued bullies Brett and Burke Breyer from falling to their deaths from a collapsing Ferris wheel. All of them began to experiment with their new powers, with the far older and more experienced sins holding the advantage, but barely.

Meanwhile, Sivana and Billy have their second fight, racing through the city to try and best one another. In a brief pause during their duel, Sivana began threatening Shazam and claiming it would take more than a group of juveniles to save him. However, Shazam playfully ignored him and taunted him for monologuing before lunging at him. They unleashed discharges of energy upon each other, but they were too evenly matched. Realizing this, Shazam had a split-second to contemplate his next move, but it was all his adversary needed to seize him in a chokehold and rocket into the air with him. However, this move would not work a second time: unintimidated, Shazam grabbed his face and the two struggled. Ultimately unable to best Sivana in close combat, he was thrown onto a roof.

Billy takes note that his foster siblings are only facing six of the sins, and mentions the last remaining Sin possessing Sivana's body, the only one still giving him any power: Envy. Insulting Envy, the Sin emerges from Sivana's body, leaving Sivana completely mortal and holding on for dear life on the edge of the building. Envy attacks Billy, but Billy uses the word Shazam to vaporize Envy into mist, before saying the word again to quickly save a falling Sivana. Billy brings Sivana back to the carnival, and precedes to pull out the Eye of Sin, sucking back in all of the Sins. The Eye then seemingly began tempting Billy with his deepest desire but he reveals he was merely teasing his siblings, having the common sense not to put a demon ball in his eye. Around them, the crowd cheered.[1]


Superman Freddy and Shazam

Billy inviting Superman to lunch with Freddy

"Primitive symbols. You walking, talking monkeys with your cave drawings. You assume there's only one way to gain magic. No, no, no. There are more ways than a mind can imagine."
"What in God's name..."
"I made the Gods, doctor, not the other way around. Oh, what fun we're going to have together. The Seven Realms are about to be ours.
―Mister Mind and Thaddeus Sivana[src]

Soon after the battle, Billy and the others returned to the Rock of Eternity to return the Eye and the Sins. Freddy pointed out to Billy that they now had a superhero lair, leaving Darla confused. The battle had a profound effect on Billy, who finally felt like he had found a home, with the Vasquez' and his foster siblings, calling all hands on deck over dinner. The next day, Billy came to the school cafeteria as Shazam while Mary, Eugene, Pedro and Darla changed their lunch schedules to eat with Freddy and Billy. As Shazam, he impressed the other school kids, telling them that Freddy taught him everything he knows. He also told Freddy he invited a friend. Looking over, Freddy saw Superman standing right next to him, and is shocked that the Man of Steel is actually there.

Shazam! - Sivana in jail (9)

Sivana meeting Mister Mind in his jail cell

Meanwhile, Thaddeus Sivana was sent to Rock Falls Penitentiary. Enraged by his recent failures, he spent his time madly scribbling symbols in fruitless attempts to reenter the Rock of Eternity. As he cried out in rage after another futilely drawn runic pattern, a creature he had unwittingly freed near the beginning of his campaign named Mister Mind arrived in his cell and told him of the pillars of evil that would come together, assuring him that the seven realms of magic would be under their control.[2]


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