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"So let me get this straight. You do it dressed like a bat? Like an actual bat?"
"It's worked for 20 years in Gotham."
Aquaman and Batman[src]

The Batsuits are Batman's assortment of tactical uniforms in his war on crime in Gotham City. Batman wears the suits to both conceal his true identity and to frighten criminals.

The standard Batsuit sports a chest-mounted bat symbol, with a scalloped cape, a bat-like cowl, a pair of gloves, boots, a utility belt, and tight-fitting body armor. The knuckles and toes of the gloves and boots are laced with hard lead in order to enhance Batman's striking power.[1] The suit is highly resistant to bladed weapons, projectiles, and fire.


Standard Batsuit[]

Batman Warehouse

The Standard Batsuit

The Batsuit Bruce Wayne normally wears when on patrol in Gotham City is a grey technical carbon fiber tri-weave around his torso and legs, with a black cowl and a large cape.

The cowl, gloves, and boots consist of metallic armor overlaid with black leather in order to give Batman a more organic appearance. The armor itself is durable enough to withstand multiple point-blank shots from a pistol with only mild discomfort. Three razor sharp blades project out from the underside of the gloves' forearms. Shortly before Steppenwolf's invasion, Bruce and Alfred developed new gauntlet's inspired by Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Submission. These new gauntlets were capable of absorbing and dissipating energy-based projectiles, up to and including Superman's heat vision (however, Batman was forced to discard his gauntlet after Superman blasted it due to energy overload).

The cape provides limited gliding abilities, as seen when Batman glides a few feet before breaking into the warehouse window after jumping from the front end of the Batplane during the Rescue of Martha Kent and gliding into the Knightcrawler during the Skirmish under Gotham Harbor; although Batman rarely uses this ability, limiting its use to only during demanding situations, instead favouring the grapple gun most of the time for traversing out-of-reach places.

The cowl incorporates a robotic voice modifier to disguise the billionaire's real voice, and several retractable lenses (the purpose of the lenses are thus far unknown).

Around his waist is his utility belt, which houses a variety of helpful gadgets including batarangs and his grapple gun. His older suit is shown to have rips, tears and restitches, memoirs of his long and violent career in fighting crime, while his updated suit that he donned to fight Steppenwolf's army has a more streamlined cowl and several armored plates on the shoulders and abs. The suit protects him and his identity but also is a symbol to strike fear in his enemies. It features the following capabilities:

  • Advanced durability: As the Batsuit is made of a technical carbon fiber tri-weave, it is extremely durable, making it highly resistant to knives and low-caliber firearms, as well as fireproof (withstanding the full force of both Firefly and Knyazev's flamethrowers at close-range). The cowl and neck area of the suit consists of a molded fabric made from Kevlar and Nomex protecting his neck and head from blade injuries and small caliber firearms (a man using a knife could only cause sparks to fly when trying to stab Batman in the back of the neck). Not even bullets can pierce the suit at point-blank range, but a direct strike to the upper arm could at least somewhat pierce the suit. Most impressively the gauntlets are with specialized polymer solar cells, designed to capture and dissipate energy. Not only are they capable of blocking Parademon and Kryptonian Plasma Bolts, but also Superman's Heat Vision without for a short time before being overloaded by the energy.

Knightmare Batsuit[]

Knightmare Batsuit

The Knightmare Batsuit

In a possible apocalyptic future where a tyrannical Superman rules over Earth, Batman wears a modified version of the standard Batsuit with a beige trench coat, a black balaclava and sand goggles. It was equipped with his custom assault rifle slung across his back, a handgun holstered on his right leg, and a set of binoculars. This version of the Batsuit lacks the black cape.

Armored Batsuit[]

Armored Batsuit full body

The Armored Batsuit

Alternatively, Batman also wears a powered exoskeleton version of the Batsuit. It is far more durable than the original version, being made of seemingly some sort of metal. The eyes glow with a light bluish hue, therefore being visible in low light, unlike the Original suit. The suit's armor and mechanisms are able to heavily increase effort, exertion and resilience to superhuman capabilities, making it useful in combat against opponents as powerful as Superman himself.[2] It offers him the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced strength: The armor amplifies Batman's striking power to considerable superhuman levels, enough for him to dominate Superman when he was weakened from Kryptonite gas, which left him only a small fraction of his godlike strength, able to easily swing him around by the cable of his grappling gun, smashing him right through multiple stone columns, and deliver blows strong enough to rattle and visibly harm the weakened Kryptonian to where he was stunned for a while. However, even the armor's enhanced strength quickly faltered when Superman had began to recover, to where Superman was able to block a kick and toss Batman back when he wasn't fully restored and though Batman was still able to pin him down for a while to deliver blows, his blows went from being able to just turn Superman's head back, no longer able to have any significant affect on the mighty alien and only irritating him, to soon barely even fazing Superman and finally Batman was not even able to move Superman at all, his punch to the face sounding like a normal person trying to punch hardened metal and he was completely overpowered to where Superman easily knocked him down and tossed him like a rag doll, forcing the Dark Knight to resort to shooting another kryptonite gas grenade at Superman to finally defeat him.
  • Enhanced durability: The nature of the armor allows for Batman to be protected much better against physical attacks, even against those from enemies as strong as Superman, as it was unscathed after the mighty alien blew him back and tackled him through a building, and hurled him into the Bat-Signal. Superman, however, was holding back greatly in their confrontation, to where he stated the armor would not have protected Batman from death at all, had Superman actually wanted to kill him. When Superman was still not trying to kill him but finally had enough of Batman's resistance, he was able to use only slightly more strength than he used to toss Batman around with light blows to easily damage Batman even through the armor, leaving him stunned and reeling from being tossed aside, and a punch to the face was able to crack Batman's armor.

Updated Standard Batsuit[]


Updated Standard Batsuit

After Superman's death, Wayne updated his bodysuits with square plate shapes protruding from the musculature. A completely new cowl with very different ears and updated gauntlets were also added.

Tactical Batsuit[]

Tactical Batsuitsuit

The Tactical Batsuit

The tactical Batsuit is an upgraded version of the regular Batsuit. The suit has another layer of armor, needing to lift his "game" to fight with his much more powerful comrades and overcome the aliens of the alien invasion. It has goggles to help him pilot his vehicle, and light armor to help him endure the hits while still being able to move and throw quick punches.

Blue and Gray suit[]

Batman on fight - The Flash

The Blue and Grey Batsuit.

Sometime after stopping Steppenwolf, Wayne would don a blue and grey version of his Batsuit. This suit combined lightweight armour with a different fitting cowl and a gold tactical belt. He used this while piloting the Batcycle during the Chase of Al Falcone. The suit was also capable of gliding vast distances and allowed for more overall flexibility.

Alternate Versions[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

"I'm also the Flash
"I'm also the Flash." ―Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four, Arrow
This article is about a subject that originated from the Batman Anthology universe in the larger DC Multiverse. This article only contains content relevant to the DC Extended Universe. For information regarding that universe, see Batsuits (Earth-89).
Keaton batsuits

All Flashpoint Batsuits.

An older Bruce Wayne came out of retirement from crime-fighting and donned his recent Batsuit to help two Barry Allens free the Kryptonian, Kal-El, from a black site in Siberia, only to find and rescue his cousin Kara Zor-El, instead. Later on, Bruce donned this Batsuit one last time in the Battle at Edwards Air Force Base, only to be killed twice in the process.


"I'm also the Flash
"I'm also the Flash." ―Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four, Arrow
This article is about a subject that originated from the Batman TV universe in the larger DC Multiverse. This article only contains content relevant to the DC Extended Universe. For information regarding that universe, see Bat-Costume.
Batman 66

Earth-66 Batsuit.

Bruce Wayne was seen donning his Batsuit and chasing his archnemesis, the Joker, while a multiversal collision occurred around him, which ended up being reverted by Barry Allen.



  • Identity concealment: Bruce used a black mask to conceal his identity; to keep his friends and families safe from harm.
  • Intimidation: Bruce uses the suit to terrify his enemies.
  • Communications system: Inside the suit's cowl is a communications system connecting the suit's wearer to the Batcave.
  • Utility belt: The suit contains a utility belt that stores many of the Batsuit's signature tools, such as a Grapple Gun and Batarangs.


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Behind the scenes[]



  • The look of the standard Batsuit, as well as the armored Batsuit, is heavily influenced by the outfits worn by Batman in the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.
  • The standard Batsuit marks the first time Batman uses the iconic grey-and-black costume design from the comic books in a live-action film since 1949.
  • Jerad Marantz was nominated for a Concept Art Award for his design concept of the Tactical Batsuit as seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League.


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