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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Upstairs/Downstairs, or simply "Upstairs/Downstairs", is one-shot comic released by Doritos, serving as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was released via digital codes found in Doritos packets.


The comic begins as a TV news reporter reviews the Black Zero Event and remarks on the widespread devastation and chaos that would've destroyed the world had it not been for the heroic actions of Superman. To this, she announces the unveiling of the large Superman Statue in Heroes Park in Metropolis to commemorate his actions and wonders if the Man of Steel will be present. Meanwhile, at the Batcave, Bruce Wayne trains as Alfred Pennyworth watches TV and comments on the indignity of a lack of a Batman statue in Gotham City, to which Bruce ignores. Alfred remarks feeling a sense of professional jealousy, which Bruce disregards, claiming that unlike Superman, professionals need to work. The news reporter interviews several people at Heroes Park who survived the Black Zero Event, recalling stories of Superman saving them from Dru-Zod and defending the world from annihilation. However, the news reporter interviews one woman who admits gratitude from Superman for his heroism, but questions whether his superhuman powers can actually make him understand what it means to be human and whether he knows if he's helping or hurting others.

As the statue is about to be unveiled, the news reporter asks "What makes a hero?", as Batman leaves in the Batmobile to combat armed criminals and gunrunners and Superman leaves to stop a Soviet space station from falling back to Earth. Meanwhile, the news reporter offers answers to her question like those who would stand up to evil and injustice, or those who have great strength to protect those who don't, or those who do what one can or do the impossible, or those who learn from their mistakes to never make them again. The news reporter then announces the unveiling the Superman statue in Heroes Park as she proclaims Superman as one of the people of Earth. Batman returns from his mission to watch the unveiling of the statue, and angrily declares that Superman is not one of us. Batman then continues to train again, vowing to prepare himself for the day that Superman becomes a threat to humanity.







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