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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Superman is the fourth chapter in the Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series, acting as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Superman saves train

Superman saving a runaway train.

One day, a speeding train suddenly loses its controls and is on a crash course, until Superman flies in to save the day. Superman uses his heat vision to decouple the rear power car and punches it off the track. He continues to use his heat vision to decouple the rear passenger cars and leaves enough space for each car to come to rest. However, Superman looks ahead and sees a turn in the tracks, which would derail the train at its current speed. He then quickly flies ahead and pushes against the front of the train, exerting just enough force to slow the train down and protect the passengers without derailing it. Despite this, the train is about to make the turn, making the derailment inevitable. Superman decides to lift the train from above and setting it down on the ground. After the train comes to a stop, he quickly flies from the train to the paramedics nearby, carrying the most injured passengers to safety.

From video footage of the event, an TV anchorwoman moderates a discussion where two debaters argue the role and ethics of Superman. Professor Garcia summarizes the actions of Superman during the incident, who notes the beneficial service that a godlike being like Superman does. His opponent argues about the inherent danger of unregulated power in the hands of a single individual, and what gives somebody like Superman the right to decide. Garcia mentions his heroic actions during the Black Zero Event, to which his opponent claims that he didn't do enough. He continues that Superman chooses not to interfere in wars, despite the tremendous civilian casualties caused by wars. Garcia also defends Superman's decision to avoid getting involved in wars, as intervening in political disputes (such as unilaterally disarming a country's military) could make the situation worse. Teri draws the debate to a close and she concedes that some problems are more complicated than a runaway train. The opponent appears to agree, but elsewhere, it is revealed that his responses are being spoken by Lex Luthor.






  • Superman's skinsuit
  • Batsuit (video)

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