Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Senator Finch is the third chapter in the Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series, acting as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


At the United States Capitol in Washington D.C., Senator June Finch is leading a committee on the subject of Superman in the wake of the Battle of Metropolis. General Elkins presents a CGI simulation of a male Kryptonian attacking a city such as Metropolis, calculating that within eight minutes of the Kryptonian attack, the loss of life would reach tens of thousands. Any conventional military response would have no effect on the Kryptonian, thus denying any escalation of force at the risk of civilian casualties. The projected damages would estimate the city would be annihilated along with approximately half of its population in under a half-hour.

Senator Stearns defends Superman's intentions on Earth, due to the latter having saved the planet from his own invading people, and, more recently, saved hundreds of lives and countless acres of forest from a wildfire in Stearns' state. Finch asks if it's possible to simply communicate with Superman. Elkins explains that any attempt would be futile, given how little they actually know about his motivations, his loyalty, or even his psychology, such as whether he is susceptible to mental illness, PTSD, or dementia. Other senators argue that revealing the committee or its defensive measures to Superman could possibly antagonize him. Elkins further elaborates that so far, Superman has only intervened in natural disasters or humanitarian missions, but he could interfere with international borders and conflicts that could upset the geopolitical climate. After the group get into a heated debate, Finch promptly calms things down, stating that before an ultimate decision regarding Superman is made, the issue of his existence must be approached objectively, and she therefore advocated for the creation of a committee to study Superman and his effect on the world, to the senators unanimously agree. As everybody leaves, Finch asks General Elkins for everything he currently has on Superman.






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