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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Lois Lane is the second chapter in the Warner Bros. Pictures Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series, acting as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Lois after subduing Hanford

Lois, after subduing Hanford.

One day, Lois Lane and Clark Kent swiftly exit the Daily Planet newsroom, as Lois heads off to expose the corrupt CEO Mark Hanford of Hanford Technologies (who had been illegally profiting from the sale of Kryptonian weapons on the black market), while Clark heads off to help with floods in Bangladesh as Superman, warning Lois to be safe in his absence.

Lois meets with Mark Hanford to discuss the accusations of profiting from the sale of Kryptonian weapons recovered from the Black Zero Event. She shows him the discrepancy in his inventory of Kryptonian weapons, alluding the sale of Kryptonian weapons on the darknet. She further elaborates by noting the same bank account used to manage the sale also paid for a vacation trip to Kenya to illegally hunt a black rhino. Suddenly, Hanford pulls out a pistol from his desk and threatens to shoot her. In exchange for the identity of the buyers, Lois promises to write his side of the story and a reduced sentence. Hanford defends himself, claiming that Hanford Technologies was ruined after the Black Zero Event and that he needed to generate some profit to keep his staff and business afloat. Hanford is distracted by police sirens, and Lois swiftly disarms him and returns to the Daily Planet to finish her story.

A week later, Lex Luthor arrives at a construction site of the company, and announces that LexCorp Industries is purchasing Hanford Technologies, including all of its holdings, assets, and personnel, as he claims that the employees should not suffer from the immoral actions of their former CEO. Lex proceeds to admit that despite his failings, Mark Hanford had been a good CEO, whose one big mistake was selling illegal Kryptonian technology. Later, in the privacy of his car, with only his assistant Mercy Graves there to hear him, Lex finishes - because there were so many more interesting things that could potentially be done with it.





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