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  • "Underdeveloped, overlong and stupendously dispiriting." - Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal)
  • "The studio has, in the usual way, begged and bullied critics not to reveal plot points, and I wouldn't dream of denying you the thrill of discovering just how overstuffed and preposterous a movie narrative can be." - A.O. Scott (New York Times)
  • "As superhero spectacles go, Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a grand one, with a mondo-operatic climax and a final shot infused with quivering, exhilarating molecules of grace. It's also not much fun." - Stephanie Zacharek (TIME Magazine)
  • "While the Marvel universe, now owned by Disney, is glib and sunny, it's a nice echo of Warner's past as a home to gangsters and gritty melodramas to find its DC world operating very much on the dark end of the street." - Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times)
  • "Batman v Superman is a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook." - Christopher Orr (The Atlantic)
  • "When in doubt, [Snyder] simply slings another ingredient into the mix, be it an irradiated monster, an explosion on government premises, or the sharp smack of masonry on skull." - Anthony Lane (New Yorker)
  • "If only the film actually had depth, along with a little levity to lighten the bulk in the script, the visual murk and the sonic overkill." - Peter Howell (Toronto Star)
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