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"I'm also the Flash
"I'm also the Flash." ―Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four, Arrow
This article is about a subject that originated from the Batman Anthology universe in the larger DC Multiverse. This article only contains content relevant to the DC Extended Universe. For information regarding that universe, see Batman (Earth-89).
For alternate versions of Batman, see Batman's Character Hub.

"I lost my parents. That pain, made me who I am. Not sure if I know who I am without it, actually. I spent a lifetime trying to right the wrongs of the past, as if putting on a cape and fighting crime would bring my parents back. You actually did it."
―Bruce Wayne to Barry Allen[src]

Bruce Wayne was the rich CEO of Wayne Enterprises who became the Gotham City vigilante known as Batman after the death of his parents. He later retired after murdering a criminal in front of his child, along with crime dropping altogether in Gotham City. In his retirement, Bruce was found by Barry Allen and his counterpart to ask for his help in their quest to stop General Zod, to which Bruce accepted. He helped Barry regain his powers and joined the duo and Kara Zor-El to form the Justice League. However, Zod would inevitably end up winning with Batman dying at least twice in battle.


Early Life[]

Gotham City's Hero[]

"I heard this rumor about him killing a dude in front of his kid. Maybe thats why he quit."
"No, no, no. You've got it wrong. The rumors got it wrong. His parents got killed in front of him when he was a kid."
Flash and Barry.[src]

At his young age, Bruce Wayne saw his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, be murdered in front of him, which left him with great trauma and a desire to bring justice to Gotham City. Spending years training and creating technological equipment from Wayne Enterprises, Bruce began to carry out vigilante activities as Batman, defending his city for years, operating in his Batcave, receiving help from his butler Alfred Pennyworth and facing criminals such as the Joker, from who he took his laughing device.

One day in 1997, Batman confronted a criminal, whom he murdered in front of his son, disturbing him because he also went through the same thing, so Bruce decided to retire, since Gotham became one of the safest cities in the world. Bruce spent years exiled in his manor after Alfred's death, keeping his pen as a memento of him. After his retirement, several people began to publish rumors about his abandonment, acknowledging that he had committed murder.[1]

Kryptonian Attack[]

Visited by the Barrys[]

"You know... they don't really need me. Things have changed. Gotham's now one of the safest cities in the world."
"Well, I... I need you. We need you. In my timeline, Batman's our strategist, our leader. The world needs Superman. You're the best detective in the world. You're probably the only person who can help me find him."
―Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]
Bruce is found by the Barrys

Bruce meets the two Barrys.

In 2013, Bruce was cooking until he heard the door of the manor open, he had to hide in a closet in his kitchen to see who the intruders were, he saw Barry Allen and his younger self across his table, he quickly attacked Barry with a kick and attempted to throw a frying pan at his younger self, who was able to catch it with his speed and dodge his attacks with other kitchen utensils such as a cutter. Bruce threw a bottle of wine at Barry, wielding a broom to try to hit the duo, before landing on Barry and unsuccessfully attempting to attack the counterpart, falling against a wall. Cornered, Bruce revealed himself to the Barrys, asking if they were hungry.

Bruce explains the concept of the Multiverse

Bruce explains to the Barrys about the Multiverse and Time Travel.

While cooking spaghetti, Bruce was informed by Barry about his Time Travel, learning that the original Barry was friends with his counterpart and clumsily attempted to explain his Time Travel. Bruce understood the situation, mentioning that only in movies if someone traveled to the past, a new branching line was created, proceeding to use the ingredients for his demonstration, explaining that he had changed both the future and the past, which caused him to be sent to a totally different timeline. In addition, Bruce mentioned that if someone manipulated time, it would cause a collision between the Multiverse, causing a terrible crisis between several inevitable intersections.

Bruce refuses to help the Barrys

Bruce refuses to help the Barrys to find Superman.

After finishing his spaghetti, Bruce stated that a person had to be an idiot to mess with the space-time continuum, before offering his meal to the young Barry and learning that the older Barry was the reason for the new timeline, causing General Zod and the Sword of Rao to threaten Earth, although a superhero named Superman could defeat him, mocking his name, considering it too obvious. Despite Barry's request for help in finding him, Bruce clarified that no one needs him after his retirement, but Barry tried to beg for his support because his counterpart was a great leader, however, Bruce flatly refused to help them and left the kitchen. without responding to their demands.[1]

Infiltration in the Siberian Black Site[]

"I'll help you get this Superman. Then you're on your own."
―Batman to Barry Allen[src]
Bruce is inspired by Barry

Bruce is inspired by Barry.

At night, Bruce watched the Batcave's security cameras, discovering Barry Allen investigating Superman's whereabouts, before he contacted Bruce through the camera, hearing him talk about his counterpart having an Alfred Pennyworth alive and learning that only inevitable intersections could not be explained. Inspired by Barry's speech, Bruce saw a photograph with his parents, accessing his secret chamber to wear his Batsuit again, determined to help the Barrys, advancing his search for Superman and bringing him and his younger self coffee in the morning.

Batman introduces himself

Batman agrees to help the Barrys.

Locating Superman in a clandestine base in Siberia, Batman deployed the Batwing in the Batcave, meeting with the two Barry, as he would finally support them in finding Superman, in exchange for them leaving him only after completing the mission, exciting the young Barry when he saw him in his suit and shouting, which made Batman uncomfortable, who claimed to be Batman. The vigilante drove the Batwing with the two Barrys on board, beginning his journey towards Siberia, while the Barrys talked over him and discussed the supposed rumor that he had murdered a criminal in front of his son, a comment that the original Barry denied because of Batman's righteous personality.

Keaton Batman trailer fight

Batman faces the Siberian Mercenaries.

Upon being close to the base, Batman informed the Barrys that their ejector seats had parachutes, launching first to use his cape, gliding towards the clandestine base, followed by his allies. Batman shoot his Grapple Gun at a part of the base, being hugged by the older Barry, whom he had to carry to the top, moving forward first. When the Barrys were discovered by the sciencists and mercenaries, Batman, even though he knew this would hurt, launched himself against the siberian mercenaries, fighting them, using his batarangs and other weaponry to combat them. After defeating all the mercenaries, he asked the Barrys to keep walking.[1]

Rescue of Supergirl[]
"What's the plan? Batman, what do we do?! What now?"
"Now... we try not to die."
Flash and Batman[src]
Batman finds Supergirl

Batman discovers another kryptonian.

Wandering through the Soviet base, Batman and the Barrys came across a giant capsule containing Superman, which Batman attempted to hack without success until Flash tried all the combinations to access the capsule. The trio used flashlights to inspect the capsule, finding a prisoner who did not turn out to be Superman, but a girl in a weak state, so Batman realized it was not him and suggested leaving her behind to move on, although Barry Allen stopped him because it was wrong to leave her locked up, before being forced to escape when the security system was activated.

The trio is discovered by a siberian sciencist

Batman and the group are confronted by a scientist.

Quickly, the group tried to evacuate the base, being found by a scientist who stared at them, although Batman tried to use his appearance to scare him, which had no effect against him and Flash ultimately knocked down the scientist without realizing that other mercenaries approached, shooting in his leg to immobilize him, making Batman protect him with his cape, throwing a smoke capsule at the mercenaries so they could find a way to escape. Surrounded by several mercenaries, the group dove beneath the giant capsule, allowing Batman to use a blowtorch to cut through a grate, which helped them escape from that area.

Kara helps Batman

Batman is saved by the kryptonian.

Batman was in charge of carrying Flash to walk while Barry carried the kryptonian in his arms and they managed to reach an abandoned elevator that would help them get out, implanting an sticky bomb at level 11. Using his cape, Batman protected his friends when the device exploded, launching the elevator to the outskirts of the base, where several soldiers tracked them and seeing the Kryptonian regain her powers by solar energy, he asked the Barrys to try not to die. Along with the kryptonian, Batman continued fighting with the mercenaries, before the kryptonian finished them all off, fainting in front of the group, returning to the manor in the Batwing.[1]

Chat with Barry Allen[]

"Tell me something. If you get your powers back, you can go anywhere. You can go to another timeline, another universe. Why do you wanna stay and stay to save this one?"
"Because this is the world where my mom lives. I went back in time to save her."
"The kid doesn't know, does he?
How do you tell someone something like that?"
―Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]
Wayne talks to Allen

Bruce critizes Barry's plan.

Back at the manor, Bruce went to his bathroom to heal his wounds and shave, looking at himself in the mirror knowing that he was back in action. In the Batcave, Bruce met with Barry, being told by him that Kara had left, he also told him that he must get his powers back, planning to recreate his accident to connect again with the Speed Force to help against the Sword of Rao, although Bruce criticized the plan because the process could kill him, questioning why he decided to stay and fight for this universe, Barry told him that he chose to stop Zod because his mother, Nora Allen, was alive in the current reality.

The Flash Trailer 024

Bruce talks with Barry about his traumas.

Eventually, Bruce learned that Barry traveled back in time to save his mother, assuming that his younger self did not know the reason for the trip, keeping the secret hidden. Bruce told Barry about how the death of his parents made him feel great pain in his heart, which made him who he is and turned him into Batman, however, he always knew that with his activities, he would never get his parents back after several years, recognizing that Barry had managed to do it, recapitulating his plan to plant chemicals and electrocute himself, amicably agreeing to help him, beginning to discuss his plan to carry out the accident.[1]

Joining the Justice League[]

"We are short one literal goddess... one friendly Terminator and super mermaid. And we could definitely use a Batman. Are you in? "
"You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts."
Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne[src]
Bruce Wayne Earth-89 first look

Bruce activates the electric chair.

Preparing the experiment with an electric chair, Bruce spoke with Barry Allen, quoting a phrase from Benjamin Franklin, referring to the fact that they would use a kite with Batman's symbol to attract a lightning Before beginning, Bruce summarized the plan to absorb the lightning, giving Barry a Batsuit as a defensive measure and to avoid dying, but Barry denied the suggestion because he should be exposed, something that Bruce understood, warning the other self to stay away from the older Barry. Bruce activated the device, causing a large electrical discharge to struck Barry, however, the lightning had no effect, seriously injuring him, worrying Bruce and the young Barry.

Batman unmasked - The Flash

Bruce agrees to join Barry's Justice League.

Even though Barry demanded that he do it again, Bruce worried about him, since another shock could kill him, until he realized that on his first attempt, the machine's circuit had been fried. Immediately afterwards, Bruce and the young Barry saw Kara arrive at the Batcave to take Barry towards a storm for lighting to struck him, which was able to restore his powers, managing to regenerate his wounds. In preparation for the fight against the Sword of Rao, Bruce learned that in the timeline Barry came from, he was on a team called the Justice League, which he could not form due to lack of members. When Barry woke up he asked Bruce to join them, thinking it would be nuts, he finally accepted, joining his own version of the Justice League.[1]

Battle at Edwards Air Force Base[]

"I'm going down... But I'm not going alone."
―Batman to Flash, before sacrificing himself by crashing into Zod's mothership.[src]
Batman and the Flashes on the Batwing

Batman takes the Barrys on the Batwing.

Piloting the Batwing towards the Edwards Air Force Base, Batman and the Justice League were informed by Barry that in his world, Superman showed up right away when Zod called him out, warning that they were now in uncharted territory, so Batman told them that he would try to take out their sky power. When they began to be shot at by jets, Bruce complained that they were going to save them, realizing that they didn't know they were allies fighting against Zod's forces as well, before sending the Flashes into the fight with Supergirl.

Flash in the middle of the battle

Flash observes the Batwing crash and burn.

Batman was able to take out several kryptonian dropships with his Batwing, before eventually attempting to destroy Zod's mothership, but the Batwing's missiles fail to destroy it due to the ship's protective shield as a result and the Batwing gets shot by it, damaging it critically and causing it to malfunction and break down. A few minutes later as the Batwing's systems were failing, he informed Flash that he was going down but not going alone, preparing to sacrifice himself for his team. He then drove the Batwing down towards the ship despite Flash's pleas to stop, which caused his death, yet the ship was not destroyed due to the mothership's protective shield.

Alternate Fate[]
"Hey. It'll be okay."
"Not this time, kid. Maybe some other time."
"We can't bring you back, can we?"
"You already did. You already did."
Flash and Batman[src]
Batman attacks Nam-Ek

Batman fights agaisnt Nam-Ek.

After the death of their teammates, Flash's younger self decide to travel back in time via the Chronobowl to prevent the death of the duo, with the original Flash warning Batman that there was a protective shield on Zod's mothership so the latter chooses to abandon his original objective, but is prepared to attack Nam-Ek with Flash's approval by using bullets and missiles, which causing Nam-Ek to rush towards his vehicle, destroying it, causing Batman to have to escape after trying to shake him off the jet to no avail. Luckily for him, Batman flew over with his cape. Back on the ground after the Batwing crashed, he ambushes Nam-Ek and attempted to harm him using explosives, but ends up getting brutally thrown to the ground.

Batman dies in front of Flash

Batman says goodbye to Flash before passing away.

Bloodied but without fear, Batman activated one last explosive on Nam-Ek, making him fall unconscious and feeling weakened. He then collapsed and laid down on the ground from the injuries he sustained, being helped by Flash who tried to provide support to prevent his death. Flash tried to tell Batman that he would be okay, but Batman denies it, thinking that in another time he would be. In his final moments, Batman hears Flash mention that there was nothing they could do to bring him back, but Batman told him that they had already done so, having knowledge of his recent Time Travel and making him resume his righteous life, until finally succumbing to his injuries and dying at the eyes of Flash and his younger self.[1]


"This is what Bruce was talking about. Barry, this is inevitable, we can try a million times and we're not gonna be able to fix this."
Barry Allen to Barry Allen[src]

Following his death, the young Flash continued traveling in the Chronobowl to try to prevent the deaths of Batman and Supergirl until Barry stopped him, showing him the inevitable intersections occurring between the worlds of the Multiverse as Bruce had warned them. The young Barry, after overcoming the death of the Justice League, decided to sacrifice himself so that his dark future counterpart couldn't kill his older self, erasing the Dark Flash from existence and allowing Barry to fix his timeline.[1]


"You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts."

Having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce grew up determined to eradicate crime in Gotham City. In adulthood, he took up the vigilante persona of Batman in order to combat crime in Gotham. He spent decades fighting criminals and his efforts ultimately proved successful as Gotham's crime rates dropped significantly over the years and eventually became one of the safest cities in the world due to his actions.

While Bruce was successful in his crime-fighting mission, he became guilt-ridden due to a situation where he killed a criminal in front of the criminal’s child. Feeling that he was now no different from the criminal that murdered his parents, Bruce chose to retire from crime-fighting and spent the rest of his days as a recluse in Wayne Manor, even becoming a bit of an alcoholic to help deal with his guilt.

When Bruce is visited by Barry Allen and his Flashpoint variant, he is initially hesitant to help, downright refusing to help the duo find Superman or stop Zod's invasion. However, after learning that the reason Barry traveled back in time was to try and save his mother, Bruce agreed to help them, feeling some sympathy for Barry due to him having lost his own parents.

Unlike the seriousness and brusqueness of his variant from Earth-1, this version of Batman is more jovial and with less dry humor, as he asks the two Allens if They were willing to do crazy things before jumping off the Batwing.

While at first, Bruce only agreed to help the Barrys find Superman, he later helped Barry regain his powers after a conversation with Barry about their shared loss and grief. Seeing Barry's determination, he took part in the battle against Zod alongside the two Flashes and Supergirl and died doing what he'd always done; saving lives.[1]


  • Peak Human Condition: Bruce Wayne went through intense training and specialized dieting that represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess, all of which have naturally heightened his abilities to the highest levels of human potential. Despite his advanced age, Batman is still in peak condition, allowing him to takedown multiple Russian soldiers.
    • Peak Human Strength: Batman's strength allowed him to physically overpower combatants, including elite-trained humans and extraterrestrial troops. He was strong enough to hold onto Barry, who weighs 180 pounds, with one hand while using his grappling hook. When he defeated a group of Siberian soldiers, he was able to throw one a considerable distance through a window.
    • Peak Human Agility: Batman's athletic prowess granted him exceptional agility, coordination, and balance while fighting and evading others. Batman was incredibly nimble and agile, and has demonstrated high levels of agility and dexterity.
    • Peak Human Speed: Bruce moves with exceptional speed, able to sneak up on enemies before they react and deliver powerful blows to incapacitate them just as quickly. He was able to run up and deliver a kick to Barry before Barry could respond and later take down a group of soldiers within seconds.
"This may hurt."
Keaton Batman trailer fight

Batman takes down a soldier

  • Master Martial Artist: Bruce trained extensively in various different forms of martial arts before he became Batman. Batman had been shown to be a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having spent decades fighting criminals in Gotham. Even in old age, he was able to take down multiple armed Russian soldiers with ease. His overall fighting style consists of [1]Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Shurikenjutsu, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do and Kickboxing.
    • Master Armed Combatant: Batman was highly skilled in the use of many weapons, such as batarangs and the staff. He is proficient with improvised weapons.
      • Batarang Mastery: Batman was incredibly skilled at throwing projectile weaponry with great accuracy and pinpoint precision, such as his signature batarangs. He was able to take down multiple armed Russian soldiers with only a few batarangs, even ricocheting them off walls.
      • Staff Mastery: Batman was highly skilled at using a staff in combat, he was able to attack both Flashes with a broom.
  • Master Marksman: Batman was a highly skilled Marksman, being able to throw various projectiles with extreme accuracy, especially Batarangs. Bruce was able to knock out Barry Allen with a wine bottle and nearly knocked out Flashpoint Barry with a frying pan, who only managed to do so because of his super-speed. He was also proficient with his grapple gun.
  • Master Acrobat: Batman was a highly skilled acrobat, as he used his acrobatic skills to save Barry Allen multiple gunshots.
  • Stealth Mastery: Bruce was highly skilled in stealth tactics, as he was able to sneak up on Barry Allen and Flashpoint Barry after hiding in a pantry. He also managed to sneak up on multiple Russian soldiers from above.
"You're the best detective in the world. You're probably the only person who can help me find him."
―Barry Allen[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Batman was a highly intelligent individual with extensive knowledge in various different fields. Bruce's knowledge of Time Travel and the multiverse allowed him to explained to Barry Allen why so many things were different in the Flashpoint Timeline, such as why Bruce himself looked different. Bruce is also a skilled Mathematician, being able to calculate the exact level on an explosive needed based on the weight of himself, Barry Allen, Supergirl and Flashpoint Barry. He was able to quote [2]Benjamin Franklin.
    • Master Detective: Batman was a highly skilled detective, with Barry Allen referring to him as the best detective in the world. As such, he was able to help Barry locate Supergirl's pod in Siberia.
    • Master Hacker: Batman was an extremely capable hacker, as shown when he attempted to hack into outdated Soviet computers using only a flip phone. Through the use of the Batcomputer, Bruce was able to create backdoors into various databases, such as NASA which allowed Barry Allen to locate where Supergirl was being held captive in Russia.
    • Master Scientist: Bruce was well-versed in Time Travel theories, explaining how the multiverse exists and that there are "inevitable intersections," fixed points in time that cannot be changed. He also appeared to be aware that Barry changed time, as he thanked Barry for giving him a second chance, but that he knew his death was an inescapable fixed point.
    • Expert Welder: Batman was a skilled welder, being able to help Barry recreate the set that he originally gained his super-speed from.
    • Skilled Physician: Batman was able to stitch his own wounds after he and the two Flashes rescued Kara.
    • Skilled Painter: After retiring from vigilantism, Bruce took up painting as a hobby.
  • Master Vehicle Driver: Batman was highly skilled in driving many vehicles such as the Batmobile and the Batwing.
    • Master Driver: Batman was a capable driver, having used the Batmobile throughout his years of crime-fighting.
    • Master Pilot: Batman was a highly skilled combat pilot, being able to to fly the Batwing.
  • Indomitable Will: Batman had a tremendous level of determination and will power, and wasn't afraid of fighting the powerful Nam-Ek or dying in his Batwing.


  • Alcoholism: While not an alcoholic per se, Bruce developed a bit of a dependency on alcohol in order to help deal with his guilt over killing a criminal of front of their child. His dependency is evident based on the number of wine bottles cluttered across Wayne Manor and when Bruce took the time to take a sip of alcohol while fighting the Barry's in his kitchen.


Keaton batsuits

Bruce's multitude of Batsuits

  • Batsuits: Batman wears a protective suit that defends him and hides his identity while he fights crime. The suit has a cape that provides gliding abilities for Bruce, which he uses when taking down several opponents.
    • Utility belt: The belt is also very different from the prime universe version. There are no large boxes hanging off it, only four capsules on each side. A few larger items are stored on the back of the belt, the waistband is used as a motorized track for a delivery system that pulls gadgets toward the buckle. How Batman activates this function is a mystery.
      • Capsules: Fuel capsules for the wrist gauntlets blow torch.
    • Ballistic Cape: Batman's cape was able to deflect military grade ammo.
    • Wrist Gauntlets: Blow torch capabilities as scene when Batman used it as so in order to escape from the Russian soldiers.
  • Batmobile: Personal transportation for Batman.
  • Batwing: Aerial transportation for Batman
  • Batcomputer: A computer used by Batman when researching crimes.
  • Batarangs: Bat shaped boomerangs thrown at enemies.
  • Grapple Gun: Used when grappling to higher elevations or knocking out enemies.
  • Sticky Bombs: Flat handheld bombs that stick to surfaces.
  • Smoke Capsules: Grenades that release a wall of smoke when thrown. They're often used by Batman to vanish and distract enemies.
  • Hacking Device: A flip phone looking device used to hack into computers and other devices.
  • Batkite: A kite shaped like the bat symbol. It was used when Bruce Wayne helped Barry Allen regain his superspeed.
  • Electric Chair: A chair Bruce Wayne used to help Barry Allen regain his superspeed.






  • Bruce was a fan of Chicago, as he was listening to their song 25 or 6 to 4 in his kitchen before he met the two Flashes.

Behind the scenes[]


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