The Batcomputer is the computer console located in the Batcave, built by Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth.


The Batcomputer was installed into the Batcave during some point in Batman's crime fighting career. As a custom piece of hardware, the Batcomputer is a series of large screens, suspended above the ground. The Batcomputer itself is connected to police scanners and news networks to better help Batman monitor crime throughout Gotham.[1]

Batman used the Batcomputer to easily crack the military grade encryption protecting secret files from LexCorp. The Batcomputer was later used by Alfred Pennyworth to remote control the Batwing.[2]

Searching for Cyborg

"The program always gets twitchy with this footage."
Alfred Pennyworth to Diana Prince[src]
Slight Over Simplification
"That seems like a slight over-simplification."
Barry Allen[src]

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During Batman's planning phase to recruit the members of his team to combat the incoming invasion of Steppenwolf, Alfred developed a simulation system using a virtual link with Wayne Aerospace that would allow the user to simulate the experiences of each of the potential recruits and how they would deal with the respective threats posed by the Parademon invasion.[3][4]


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