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"Wow! It's like a cave. Like a Batcave."
Barry Allen[src]

The Batcave is the secret underground headquarters of Batman, consisting of a subterranean complex beneath his alter-ego Bruce Wayne's residence, containing all of the numerous sophisticated pieces of equipment utilized in his long anti-crime crusade.


The Batmobile drives down a ramp into the Batcave

Batman drives into the Batcave's hidden entrance.

What became the Batcave was first discovered by Bruce Wayne on the day of his parents' funeral. As their caskets were being taken to the Wayne Mausoleum, Bruce ran off into the woods. As he kept on running, he fell down into a well into a cave with bats, which would inspire him with an idea.

As Bruce grew older and developed the idea to rid Gotham City of the criminals and corrupt, he used the series of the caves underneath the Wayne Manor he fell into as a child as his base of operations. Along with Alfred Pennyworth, the two of them built up an underground armory and high tech operations area over the years, with a number of levels along with a secret tunnel entrance that leads from underneath the lake on Wayne Manor's grounds. After Wayne Manor was partially destroyed, Bruce and Alfred installed an elevator leading directly to the Batcave from Bruce's new home, the Glasshouse.[1]

Alternate timelines[]


In a possible future where Earth is invaded by Darkseid, he infiltrated the Batcave in order to kill Lois Lane. Superman arrives late, then succumbs to the Anti-Life Equation as Darkseid puts his hand on Superman's shoulder, comforting him.[2]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

"I'm also the Flash
"I'm also the Flash." ―Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four, Arrow
This article is about a subject that originated from the Batman Anthology universe in the larger DC Multiverse. This article only contains content relevant to the DC Extended Universe. For information regarding that universe, see Batcave (Earth-89).

Creation and abandonment[]

After his parents death, Bruce Wayne became Batman and created an underground base located in a immense cave where he would storage many of his gadgets and vehicles. Ever since Batman’s life of fighting crime ended, the cave had sat abandoned for years, leaving the Batmobile and Batcomputer covered in tarps.[3]

Return to operation[]
"Dude! This place straigh beeves!"
Barry Allen[src]
The Flash Teaser 005

Barry putting the Batcave back to work.

Years later, Barry Allen and younger Barry sneak into the Batcave after being declined by Bruce Wayne to help them fight Zod. Older Barry turns on the electricity for the lights and Batcomputer to start searching for Superman. Meanwhile, younger Barry explored the place, discovering the Batmobile and Joker’s laughing bag.

Before fighting the Sword of Rao, Older Barry decides to recreate the accident that gave him his powers in the Batcave and with Bruce's help. After a failed attempt, Supergirl helps them successfully and her, older Barry, and Younger Barry form an alliance in the cave, asking Bruce if he’s in.[3]



Main floor[]

The main floor of the Batcave is where Bruce Wayne works. It consists of different computers so Bruce can hack into websites and CCTV cameras to spy on his enemies. There are different staircases leading to different floors of the Batcave: one leading down to a memorial, one leading to the Workshop and one leading to the Gym.[1][4]


The workshop is where Bruce Wayne and Alfred work on different gadgets and upgrades for when Bruce is fighting crime as the vigilante Batman.[1]

Weapons room[]

The weapons room is where Bruce Wayne keeps his standard Batsuit, along with his weapons such as Batarangs, Grapple Guns, tracking device firing rifle, smoke bombs, grenades, and other guns. It also contains a memorial case of Robin's suit.[1][5]


The gym is where Bruce Wayne works out regularly, the room consists of many workout equipment such as Tyres, a Power Rack, Punching Bag, Dumbbells, Barbells, a Prowler, Kettlebells, and many other workout equipment, Bruce used this room to train before his battle with Superman.[1]

Repair room[]

The repair room is where the Batmobile is parked. It also contains several repair supplies and tools for Alfred to use when working on it or making repairs.[1]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

Batmobile Platform[]

The platform where the Batmobile is parked. Most notably it doesn't have any railings, so Batman likely had to be cautious about parking too far.[3]

Batwing Platform[]

A platform where the Batwing descends onto after lowering from a pit above the cave.[3]

Control Platform[]

A platform with industrial machines circled around it used to control power within the Batcave. It's also where Bruce Wayne helped Barry Allen get his powers back, using the machines to deliver an electric shock to a bat-shaped kite, which causes lighting to strike Barry.[3]

Batcomputer Floor[]

A metal floor that can be accessed when entering the Batcave. Upon entering, there are levers which can turn on the entire Batcave. Going a little further, the Batcomputer can be found.[3]


A gigantic waterfall that covers a huge hole in the Batcave, preventing anyone else from knowing that behind the waterfall is Batman's base of operations. This is the only part from the cave from where the Batwing can come outside.[3]


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