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"Batarangs are a staple for Batman, and they're in the signature bat form. He uses them to throw at assailants, he uses them as markers or calling cards. Some of them have incendiary tips, some of them can be used as a tracking device, and they have lethal striking ability."
Zack Snyder[src]

A batarang is a bat-shaped throwing weapon used by Batman as a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms. Batarangs are one of the many gadgets kept in Batman's utility belt. The name "batarang" is a portmanteau of "bat" and "boomerang," a similar throwing device.

Batman also leaves batarangs near crime scenes after he's finished as a calling card, with a dual purpose using them as a psychological weapon against other potential wrongdoers.[1]


The vigilante Batman uses batarangs in his crusade against crime. He left one behind at the crime scene of Cesar Santos' arrest to inform the GCPD of his presence, left one at LexCorp to let their CEO know he took his kryptonite, and he later threw one into a criminal's chest during the Rescue of Martha Kent.

War for Earth

"Can I keep this?"
Barry Allen to Bruce Wayne[src]

Sometime later, when Steppenwolf reappeared on Earth, Batman started assembling the Justice League by recruiting Barry Allen in Central City.

Bruce suddenly hurled a batarang at him, but Barry instinctively used his speed to dodge and catch it. Barry, admiring the batarang, asked Bruce if he could keep it as a souvenir.

Found by Freddy Freeman

Freddy Freeman, an orphan from Philadelphia, owns a replica batarang that he keeps with other metahuman memorabilia. However, how he got it is unknown. Whilst Thaddeus Sivana attacked Billy in the Rock of Eternity, Freddy managed to throw the replica batarang at the back of Sivana's head, giving him a cut, inadvertently revealing Sivana's weakness to Billy.[2]



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