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Bat Creature was a bat-like creature that appeared in one of Batman's dreams.


Bruce's nightmares

In his dream, Bruce was visiting his parents' final resting place in the Wayne Mausoleum. He noticed blood starting to drip from his mother's tomb. He reached out to touch it, when suddenly Bat Creature crashed through the wall, grabbing Bruce and screeching into his face.[2]





  • He is most likely a reference to or representation of Man-Bat, a member of Batman's rogues' gallery, but the action figure names him "Bat Creature."
    • He's also similar to various premonitions involving giant bat-shaped apparitions seen in numerous Batman comics. The most prominent example being Barbatos, who was a figure of myth in Grant Morrison's Batman anthology and a major antagonist in Dark Nights: Metal.
  • It is unknown if Bat Creature exists outside Bruce's dream.
  • No wings were made for his movie appearance because they wouldn't have appeared on camera anyway, but the action figure does feature wings.


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