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Barry Allen's Hideout[1] was the former residence of Barry Allen. It is an abandoned self-storage warehouse that Barry appropriated, and is located in Central City near the Midway City train depot.[2][3]


Used by Barry Allen[]

At some point, as he couldn't afford an apartment, Barry Allen moved into an abandoned building, which he used as both his residence and his base of operations as the Flash.

Meeting Bruce Wayne[]

"Barry Allen. Bruce Wayne."
"You said that like it explains why there's a total stranger sitting in the dark in my second favorite chair."
―Bruce and Barry[src]
Barry with a batarang
JL-Barry at his lair

After visiting his father in prison, Barry returned to his hideout to find Bruce Wayne seated in the darkness, in his second favorite chair. Bruce then showed Barry a photo of Barry from Lex Luthor's files, to which Barry then attempted to convince Bruce that the man in the photo wasn't actually him, though unsuccessful. Bruce then commented on Barry's Flash suit, noting how it was made of the material NASA uses on spacecraft to prevent them from burning up, which Barry stated that it was what he used for "extreme competitive ice skating". Bruce then threw a Batarang at Barry, who easily caught it using his super speed. Barry then realized that Bruce is Batman, to which Bruce proceeded to try to inform Barry of an unknown enemy he believed would be headed towards Earth, and that he was putting together a team to face it, but Barry quickly cut him off as he immediately agreed to join, stating that he needs friends.


At some point before 2022, Barry Allen, having enough money after having worked at the Central City Research Center for several years, moved to a new apartment and with that he took all his equipment and computers he had in the hideout, leaving it abandoned.[4]


Behind the Scenes[]