"There are ways we can help each other."
―Barrows to Lex Luthor

Senator Barrows was a politician in the United States Senate.


Barrows sat with a number other senators on a committee, listening to an account of Kahina Ziri who had watched Superman cause destruction in Nairomi, Africa. He later went to LexCorp headquarters, along with fellow senator June Finch. Lex Luthor attempted to convince them to give him an import license in order to retrieve a large quantity of Kryptonite as assurance against Superman. Finch left, considering the request, while Barrows, clearly intrigued by Lex, stayed, hoping to come to a mutual partnership. Lex requested access to the wreck of the crashed Kryptonian ship and the complete remains of General Zod, both of which the senator granted to him. At a court hearing later with Wallace Keefe and Superman, Senator Barrows sat again on the committee, eager to hear what Superman had to say. However, Lex had placed a bomb in Keefe's chair, causing everyone but Superman to be killed at that very instant.[1]


Barrows, while believing Superman to be a hero, was also somewhat of an opportunist, not wishing to pass on an opportunity to come to a mutual partnership with Lex Luthor, and it was therefore rather simple for Lex to manipulate and deceive him. Barrows also seemed to have a respect for Lex's oligarchical business power, as he notably didn't even dare object when Lex unceremoniously stuffed a Jolly Rancher into his mouth, asserting his dominance over Barrows.





  • Barrows is named after Eddy Barrows, a Brazilian artist who has pencilled various Superman comics.
  • In the DC Comics universe, a character named Senator Barrows appeared in the very first Superman comic.


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