The attack on the surface world was a series of attacks planned and carried out by Orm Marius as revenge for humanity's lack of care for the ocean and its ancient inhabitants, the Atlanteans.[1]


For decades, the world's seas have been negatively impacted by human activity such as pollution and marine hunting. Years later, Orm decided to take drastic action against the surface world for the "crimes" that humanity committed. He planned to stage an attack on Atlantis to get all the kingdoms under his command and aid him in declaring war on the surface world.[1]


Once Orm had gained the Kingdom of Xebel to join his side, thanks to the false attack. He planned to enact the second phase of his plan by sending a warning in the form a massive tsunamis to the surface.

While Arthur and his father were traveling home, Arthur witnessed a massive tsunami which washed up several warships and submerged a large portion of the cliffs he was driving on underwater. His father drowned but was saved by Mera.

All across the world, coastal cities were devastated by the attack and beaches were covered with warships and decades of marine trash and waste.[1]


This attack became another obsession to the theorist Dr. Stephen Shin, who believed that Atlantis was real and attempted to prove it several times, although no one truly believes him and thought him to be delusional.[1]


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