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"I just undid a mistake, that's all
"I just undid a mistake, that's all." ―Bruce Wayne, Justice League
This page has been deemed to be non-canonical as its contents contradict the established movie continuity of the DC Extended Universe.

"Millions fell before his blade... And rose again as his Parademons. Nightmare creatures, who feed on fear."
"Yeah, I think I've met one. We didn't hit it off."
"Here in Gotham?"
"They're all over."
―Diana and Bruce[src]

The Attack on the rooftop was a successful attempt by Batman to draw out a Parademon.


"You should shut it down or my friends and I will do it for you."
―Bruce Wayne to Amanda Waller[src]

Two years after Superman's death happened in Metropolis[1], Batman learned that someone was coming to Earth for an invasion. Then, he went to investigate kidnappings around Gotham City.[2]


Batman hunts parademons

Batman stalking a criminal.

"What do you want from me?"
"Fear. They can smell it."
―Burglar and Batman[src]

On the top of the Gotham City Bank building, Batman gets a criminal and wraps him on his rope. Then he holds the criminal over the ledge, making him see the ground. As the man yells in fear, a Parademon smells it and tries to eat him. When it comes, Batman hails the person back up and captures one.[2]

Batman traps the Parademon in a net, but the creature explodes, creating symbols of three boxes.[2]


"It's 'cause they know he's dead, right? Superman. He's gone. Where does that leave us?"
―Burglar to Batman[src]

After the Parademon exploded, Batman and Alfred recognize the three box symbols that were on Luthor's notes. Batman then decided to assemble the team of four heroes.[2]

While Batman moves and before he leaps off the Gotham City Bank rooftop, the Burglar questioned him about Superman's death and asked where does that leave us; that leaves Batman to believe an invasion is coming.[2]

Batman heads to village to recruit Aquaman

Bruce arrives to the village to find Arthur Curry.

Bruce learned from Amanda Waller's files that Arthur Curry visited a village in Iceland[3] (as a mysterious "stranger from the sea") during the winter, bringing fish to feed the hungry, always coming on the king tide. On the day right after the king tide, Bruce arrived at the village and asked to speak with Arthur.[2]