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"Queen Atlanna, by the authority of King Orvax, you are ordered to return to Atlantis."
―An Atlantean soldier to Atlanna[src]

The Attack on the Lighthouse is an operation to find and bring Atlanna back to Atlantis, which was ordered by Orvax.


After searching for a long time, the Men-of-War finally tracked down Atlanna at Thomas Curry's residence and ordered her to return with them to Atlantis. Atlanna, however, refused and fought the soldiers. She managed to defeat them with help from Thomas.[1]


"Tom! My weapon!"
Atlanna to Tom Curry[src]

One day while playing with her son, the Amnesty Bay lighthouse where she lived was ambushed by Men-of-War. A fight then broke out, with Atlanna succefully defeating the soldiers and destroying much of what's inside the lighthouse.[1]


Atlanna goodbye

Atlanna saying goodbye.

"You don't have to do this Atlanna, please."
"No. They will always find me, next time they'll send an army. I have to go back, it is the only way to save him. Save you."
Tom Curry and Atlanna[src]

Fearing for Thomas and Arthur's safety and knowing that it won't be the last time the Men-of-War would look for her, Atlanna decided to leave them and return to Atlantis.[1]