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"Surface dwellers! To arms!"
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The attack on the Council of Kings was an event during the War for Atlantis orchestrated by King Orm Marius to convince King Nereus of the Kingdom of Xebel to join in his proposed war against the surface.


"We have been hiding long enough."
Orm to Nereus[src]

After Atlantis fell into the sea, what remained of the Atlantean empire splintered into seven different kingdoms. Over the ages, as the remaining kingdoms fought and allied with each other, the title "Ocean Master" came into being, referring to when any one leader had the support of four of the seven kingdoms. After thousands of years, only four of the seven kingdoms even remained - Atlantis, Xebel, the Fishermen, and the Brine.

In modern times, after the banishment of Queen Atlanna because of her tryst with a human, her second-born son began to resent the surface. An unspecified time after his crowning, the young king Orm began to plot a way to unite the remaining four kingdoms of Atlantis in order to earn the title "Ocean Master" and launch a war against the surface. The first step in his plan was to meet with King Nereus of Xebel in the Council of Kings, an ancient meeting place.

Prior to meeting with the delegation from Xebel, Orm hired the sea pirate Jesse Kane to retrieve a submarine for him.[1]


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