The Attack on Sicily was a search issued by Orm who set Black Manta to find Arthur and Mera. However, Manta, Murk, and the soldiers were unsuccessful and Orm was left to face Arthur alone, and Black Manta planned to kill Aquaman once more.


Though Aquaman and Mera were able to escape Atlantis, Orm was still able to track them down with Mera's bracelet. After Aquaman and Mera got instructions from the Kingdom of the Deserters, they traveled to Sicily, Italy to find out where the Trident of Atlan is to be found.[1]


After they found out where the trident was, Black Manta, Murk, and some Atlantean soldiers ambushed them. Aquaman was wounded during his battle with Manta, and Mera was getting chased by Murk and the soldiers. But though Manta, Murk and the soldiers did their best efforts, they still lost to Mera and Aquaman and Manta was thrown off a cliff to his apparent death. After the battle, Mera healed Aquaman from his injuries and they made their way to the trident.[1]


After Manta, Murk and his soldiers failed their mission of killing Aquaman and Mera, Orm was left to face his half Atlantean and human hybrid brother himself.[1] Later after the war ended, Manta was revealed to have survived and was stranded on the ocean, but was saved by Dr. Stephen Shin, a scientist interested in Aquaman and Atlantis. Shin wanted to go to Atlantis, and Manta agreed to take him there in exchange for his help with killing Aquaman.[2]


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