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The Attack at Doc's Place was an attack on the building's upper floor by Huntress in attempt to draw out Harley Quinn to get information out of her about Victor Zsasz.


As a youth, Helena Bertinelli, or Huntress, watched the slaughter of her entire family by a rival crime family. She was the only one to escape thanks to the mercy of one of the gangsters and spent her entire youth in Italy training to get revenge. She then returned to America and killed her family's murderers using her crossbow pistol. The only one remaining was Victor Zsasz. She learned that Harley Quinn might have information about him, so she traveled to Doc's Place. There, she gave the proprietor, Doc, a large amount of money in exchange for the information that Harley Quinn was living in a flat on the building's second floor.[1]


The attack was brief and merciless. She tossed explosives into the flat, forcing Quinn and Cassandra Cain to flee. The two of them, however, managed to get away, though Quinn feared that her pet hyena, Bruce, was lost in the attack.[1]


Harley Quinn was devastated when she discovered that Doc had ratted her out, as she thought he could trust him. He himself was not upset by the damage to his business, as he intended to take the money given to him by the Huntress in order to purchase a new business in a better and more profitable part of town. Meanwhile, Quinn, feeling that everyone was after her, contacted the Black Mask, who was after Cain, to offer her up in exchange for the protection of him and his organization.[1]