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"It's about making a difference. About saving people's lives. And I'm going to do both... just like you did. I can do this. I can make you proud."
―Albert Rothstein to Al Pratt[src]

Albert "Al" Julian Rothstein is a metahuman with the power to increase his size, a member to the Justice Society, and the nephew of Al Pratt. Inspired by his uncle and having trained to become a vigilante, Rothstein undertook his first mission, successfully stopping an weapons trade, receiving his uncle's suit and inheriting the mantle of Atom Smasher.

Shortly after, when Teth-Adam was freed killing several Intergang soldiers, Rothstein and the Society traveled to the nation of Kahndaq to stop him, however being too strong, the team finally decided to make a truce with Adam to defeat Intergang and rescue Adrianna Tomaz's son, Amon. During the course of the trip, Albert and Maxine Hunkel became friends. Eventually when Ishmael Gregor freed the Legions of Hell, Rothstein and Hunkel helped the civilians while Adam and Hall fought, honoring the legacy of Kent Nelson. After the battle, Rothstein returned to the headquarters with his team.


Early life[]

"You know, I used to watch you all the time as a kid? This is literally the only thing that I’d ever wanted in my life."
―Albert Rothstein to Al Pratt[src]

Albert Rothstein was born in 2001. From an early age Rothstein learned that his uncle Al Pratt was a member of the Justice Society along with Hawkman and Doctor Fate, becoming a great admirer of the team, always watching his uncle fight in battle. Eventually, Rothstein gained the power inherited from his uncle to change size, being trained by Pratt to control it as Rothstein held out hopes of one day becoming a hero like his uncle and making him proud by demonstrating want to save lives and help people.[4]

Becoming the Atom Smasher[]

Preparing for his first mission[]

"You've done your homework. I see that. And yes, you have a costume, but there's more to being a superhero than wearing a mask. Especially one you got on the internet."
"You're right. There is more. So much more."
Al Pratt and Albert Rothstein[src]

Ready to complete his first mission and become a vigilante, Rothstein learned of an arms trade, planned to take place one night, so he proposed to his uncle to stop them, causing his mistrust. However, Rothstein, being excited to carry out the mission, began to finish all his homework, acquired an intel with which he would communicate with his uncle, prepared a special suit to cover up, and researched information about criminals and their stops by noting them in a table.

Rothstein asks his uncle Al Pratt what he thinks of his costume

Rothstein asks his uncle Al Pratt what he thinks of his costume.

Once Rothstein prepared everything necessary to carry out his first mission, he called his uncle Al Pratt to comment on it while he was looking for clothes in his closet, stating that nothing could go wrong, but his uncle compared him to Carter Hall who also claimed the same in the worst situations, Rothstein told him that he wasn't going to get in trouble and that he had already worked on all angles as Pratt called him out. Rothstein went out to pick up the phone, but he picked it when it fell to the ground, showing his clothes to his uncle, asking him what he thought.

Rothstein puts on a mask for the mission

Rothstein puts on a mask for the mission.

A worried Rothstein tried to convince him saying that he only needed a mask and proceeded to look for one, deciding to use a blue mask which he considered perfect as it had the same colors as his uncle's suit. When Rothstein asked his opinion, the transmission froze causing Rothstein to try to connect again. When the signal returned, his uncle told him to be worried, but Rothstein told him that he shouldn't be worried since he had everything under control. Pratt was insecure saying that Albert was going to be killed on the mission, Rothstein stated that he wasn't going to die causing his uncle to mention that there was no way of knowing.

Rothstein tells his uncle about his motivations

Rothstein tells his uncle about his motivations.

While Pratt appreciated his commitment, he told him that being a superhero wasn't easy. Rothstein understood his uncle's points knowing that much more had to be done to become a superhero, but that he was trying to make a difference as well as save people's lives, so he was going to strive to fulfill his goals and make him proud, while looking at a portrait of the Justice Society.[4]

Stopping a group of mercenaries[]

"Some hero I am. Wish I'd listened to you, Uncle Al. But I'm out of options. There's only one thing for it. Go big or go home!"
―Albert Rothstein[src]
Rothstein communicates with his uncle

Rothstein calls his uncle.

When night came, Rothstein settled on top of a factory where he observed how the smugglers were trafficking weapons on the dock, when his uncle asked him how many they were, Rothstein said that they were a lot, however he explained that the weapons were much more advanced than he thought, in that Rothstein gave him a cramp so he asked him how he squatted.

Rothstein slips from the factory causing the mercenaries to learn of his presence

Rothstein slips from the factory.

Pratt replied that he left that type of activity to others, with Rothstein wondering if it was about Batman, but Pratt denied meeting him, reminding Rothstein that he was alone and no one could do it for him, asking him to extract, and Rothstein mentioned that it would be fine if he just moved, as he backed away causing the mercenaries to become alerted to his presence who prepared to shoot him.

Rothstein escapes from the mercenary gunfire

Rothstein escapes from the mercenary gunfire.

Rothstein was scared holding on to a bar on the verge of falling, however he managed to climb again but being shot by the mercenaries to which he began to run. Running on top of a roof Rothstein stepped on a window falling on the factory, so in an attempt to be saved he enlarged its size. Upon getting up, Rothstein heard his uncle talking in the intel so he began to desperately search for it.

Rothstein listens to mercenaries argue over weapons

Rothstein listens to mercenaries argue over weapons.

When Rothstein found it he tried to grab it, but accidentally destroyed it with his giant fingers causing him frustration, removing his mask as he considered himself useless for the mission. Speaking to his uncle Pratt in case he overheard him telling him that he must enlarge if he wanted to survive as well as regretting that he decided to wear a costume. In that Rothstein was concerned when observing the mercenaries so he hid from them, seeing how they argued about the stolen weapons.

Rothstein throws boxes at the mercenaries attacking him

Rothstein throws boxes at the mercenaries.

When Intergang soldiers arrived in search of recovering their weapons, and caused the smugglers to start shooting at them, Rothstein mustered his courage, deciding to run past the smugglers pushing them, proceededing to enlarge in size, ripped off his jacket, pants and shoes and completely naked. receiving multiple shots to which he covered his face to protect himself. Rothstein then grabbed a mercenary asking him to hand over his weapons,seeing that he didn't want to collaborate, Rothstein hit him, as the Intergang began to shoot him too so he tried to take cover, throwing some boxes at them, allowing him to escape by sliding across the floor trying to evade the shots, returning to his normal size.

Rothstein meets the mercenary Velez about to die

Rothstein meets the mercenary Velez about to die.

Rothstein met the wounded mercenary Velez after being shot, who warned him that whatever he was going to do he had to do it quickly since the factory was going to collapse. Rothstein then set out to save him, explaining how he suffer damage from the shots if he remained with his normal size and that as his skin grew it became harder, preparing to try to grow to escape. However, when asking the mercenary what he thought, Rothstein realized how he had died due to the shot.

Rothstein grows destroying the factory and trying to evade the mercenaries' shots

Rothstein grows destroying the factory.

Rothstein then, wishing to make his uncle proud, proceeded to increase his size, growing enough to reach the roof and hold on to it while being shot, managing to break the factory as he continued growing, stepping on a car with his foot, and then took cover when the mercenaries started to shoot him. When police arrived, Rothstein relieved hoping to escape, crushing the ground with his hands pushing everyone. Rothstein sighed, but seeing how the police helicopters appeared, he regreted the damage caused and returned to his normal size, running away in naked shortly after.[4]

Receiving a suit[]

"Do you think I'm ready?"
"Maybe, but whatever happens at least now you can dress the part..."
―Albert Rothstein and Al Pratt[src]
Rothstein finds out about a package in his apartment

Rothstein returns to his apartment.

The next day in the morning, Rothstein attended a coffee shop depressed, contacting his uncle, upon hearing the news about his actions, he decided to leave the place and continued to talk to Pratt, mentioning him about the news of his disaster. Pratt tried to comfort him by mentioning the heroic actions committed by Rothstein. When Albert arrived at his apartment, Pratt cheered up telling him that he had talent and that he made some calls.

Rothstein wears the Atom Smasher's suit for the first time

Rothstein wears the Atom Smasher's suit for the first time.

Rothstein saw how there was a package at the door of his apartment, and Pratt asked him to open it, when Rothstein opened it, he was surprised that it was his uncle's suit along with a letter as Pratt explained how he was going to join the Justice Society and Hawkman was going to guide him, Rothstein asked him if he thought he was ready, to which Pratt was convinced about it. Rothstein then proceeded to test the suit for the first time.[4]

Release of Teth-Adam[]

Reunion with the Justice Society[]

Rothstein calls his uncle

Rothstein contacts his uncle Al Pratt.

"Don't do anything crazy. You listen to Carter."
"I'm gonna make you proud, Uncle Al. I promise."
Al Pratt and Albert Rothstein[src]

Rothstein was contacted by Carter Hall for a mission with the Justice Society, being taken in a limo to Hawkman's estate, where he received a call from his uncle Al Pratt, thanking him for the suit and talking about how he had admired it since he was a child, Pratt had admired it. He acknowledged, asking him to take care of the suit and listen to Hall, something Rothstein promised to do to make him proud.

Rothstein meets Hunkel

Rothstein meets Maxine Hunkel.

Meeting with the team, Rothstein overheard the mission objective about stopping Teth-Adam in Kahndaq as they headed to the Hawk Cruiser, worrying that he didn't bring a passport, but was told by Kent Nelson that it wasn't necessary since they were the Justice Society. Once on the ship, Rothstein was amazed at its immensity and asked Nelson if he had anything to eat, meeting Maxine Hunkel who gave him some gum, to which they both introduced themselves and mentioned his powers.

Rothstein asks about Adam

Rothstein asks about Teth-Adam.

During their journey to Kahndaq, Rothstein attempted to touch the Helmet of Fate, but was stopped by Maxine Hunkel who explained that it was dangerous, scaring Rothstein who suggested putting a blanket on it. Later while Hall was talking about Teth-Adam, Rothstein asked why he wanted to stop him, to which Hall explained that the world was in danger if he wasn't stopped, arriving at their destination soon after.[2]

Skirmish in Shiruta[]

The Justice Society sees Adam

Rothstein and the team see Teth-Adam.

"Look at that suit. It’s cool."
"Thanks. You, too."
―Albert Rothstein and Maxine Hunkel[src]

Arriving in Shiruta, Rothstein and the team were alerted to Teth-Adam's presence as he prepared to throw two soldiers to the ground. Before going to attack him, Rothstein and Maxine Hunkel were ordered by Carter Hall to wait on the Hawk Cruiser until called, while Rothstein warned that Adam had thrown them and for Hall to come out to rescue them.

Rothstein sees Hunkel's suit

Rothstein is surprised to see Maxine Hunkel's suit.

Albert Rothstein prepared to the battle donning his suit, as he was surprised to see Hunkel's suit giving her a compliment, and later watching Hawkman fight Teth-Adam. When Doctor Fate called them for the fight, Rothstein watched in surprise as Hunkel jumped off the cruiser, seeing how she was flying and attacking Teth-Adam.

Black Adam Trailer 025

Atom Smasher runs towards Teth-Adam.

Rothstein directed the ship to the roof of a building to get down safely, sliding and grabbing onto a pole, Rothstein put on his mask and promised to go help them. Rothstein ran down the wrong direction thinking he was going to help his team, but hearing an explosion behind him, Rothstein got upset and started running towards the battlefield, growing up himself as he ran.

Atom Smasher - Black Adam shot

Atom Smasher reunites with the team after crushing Teth-Adam.

As Adam was about to attack the Society, Atom Smasher surprised him by hitting him with a heavy fist, feeling happy about his victory and helping Hunkel up while talking about his size, receiving Nelson and Hall's congratulations on the victory. However, Rothstein realized that Adam was trying to free himself by discharging energy, receiving Hall's order not to raise his fist, finally Adam managed to get out knocking out Rothstein by hitting him in the face, falling to the ground.[2]

Truce with Teth-Adam[]

Rothstein destroys an statue

Rothstein accidentally destroys an statue.

"I am so sorry. Was that expensive?"
"Me and you. When we get back to the ship."
"Yes, sir."
―Albert Rothstein and Carter Hall[src]

Getting lucky, Atom Smasher just passed out after the hit and kept breathing. Getting up, Rothstein stood up, accidentally destroying a statue scaring the people of Shiruta as a concerned Rothstein stormed off, asking if he was expensive and getting scolded by Hawkman. Rothstein soon returned to his normal size and being hungry, he went to buy a bucket of chicken at Kahndaqi Fried Chicken.

The Society negotiates with Adam

Rothstein and the team come over to talk to Adam.

Rothstein then reunited with the Justice Society and they came to visit Teth-Adam at the Kahndaq palace to negotiate his peaceful surrender, Rothstein greeted him friendly as he ate, but Kent Nelson made his bucket disappear to focus on the truce, amidst the turmoil discussion, Hall and Adam agreed to continue fighting, so Rothstein mentioned that they at least agreed on something.[2]

Uprising of Kahndaq[]

Chase for Amon Tomaz[]

Atom Smasher jumps out of the ship

Atom Smasher jumps out of the ship.

"Hey, careful, dude. I almost hit you."
―Atom Smasher to Teth-Adam[src]

After Amon Tomaz was kidnapped by Intergang, Rothstein and Hunkel were ordered to accompany Hawkman to the Hawk Cruiser in order to help Teth-Adam find him. Once they received a Hawkman's desperate order to jump from the ship, Rothstein feared when he saw the height, but he was then pushed by Maxine Hunkel, to which Rothstein began to grow.

Atom Smasher accidentally hits Hawkman

Atom Smasher accidentally hits Hawkman.

Upon landing he stopped some cars while trying to cover them from the shots of Intergang ships. Rothstein then tried to stop a ship without success, as Teth-Adam passed close to him who almost hit him, asking him to be more careful when raising his arms, but causing Hawkman to accidentally hit his hand while Rothstein apologized for not seeing him, receiving a scolding again.[2]

Saving Karim[]

Al & Maxine - Promo still

Rothstein talks to Maxine Hunkel about her powers.

"It seems like you really turned it around. Found your calling. Hoping this is mine."
―Albert Rothstein to Maxine Hunkel[src]

Back on the ship and with Maxine Hunkel being ordered to remove a bullet from civilian Karim, Rothstein approached her to watch the process, amazed at the miracles of Hunkel's powers, as she considered the change in molecular structure great, cheering Rothstein, who said that Maxine's nanobots were cool too. When Hunkel talked about how she was kidnapped getting her powers by a scientist, Rothstein lamented it but was glad that she had been able to use them for good, hoping that by working on the team, he would also find his vocation.[2]

Attack on the Al Hadidiyah Mine[]

"What if it means, like... "Life is short. You gotta hold on to what you love.""
―Atom Smasher and Hawkman[src]
Rothstein misinterprets the crown's message

Rothstein misinterprets the message of the Crown of Sabbac.

Later, when Hawkman retrieved the Crown of Sabbac, Rothstein and the team discussed about it, where Rothstein mentioned that the former bearer must have had a strong neck, but Teth-Adam said he snapped it, impressing Rothstein. After Adrianna Tomaz translated the crown's message, "Life is the only path to death", Rothstein interpreted the message to mean appreciate and care for what you love before you die, angering Carter Hall who shut him up.

Rothstein is impressed by Adam's plan

Rothstein is impressed by Adam's plan.

When Adrianna Tomaz asked the Society and Adam to work together to save her child, they agreed. The team then headed for the Al Hadidiyah Mine, and upon arrival, Rothstein and the others heard Carter Hall's plan to infiltrate the mines and save Amon Tomaz, until they observed how Teth-Adam left the Hawk Cruiser and began to attack the mine himself, impressing Rothstein who suggested they should do the same.

Atom Smasher protects Maxine Hunkel

Atom Smasher protects Maxine Hunkel.

Rothstein and the rest of the team arrived at the mines to help Adam in his confrontation with Ishmael Gregor, who demanded the Crown of Sabbac in exchange for freeing Amon, with Adrianna giving it to him, but with Gregor attempting to kill Amon anyway, causing for Rothstein and the team to see Adam save him by generating a large electrical explosion, so Rothstein grew to protect Maxine Hunkel in his hands.

Rothstein and Hunkel give Amon a cape

Rothstein and Hunkel give Amon Tomaz a cape.

Following the mine explosion, Rothstein and Hunkel were ordered by Hawkman to find Crown of Sabbac and bring it to the Hawk Cruiser, in the midst of the rubble, Rothstein found the crown attached to the deceased body of Ishmael Gregor. Later and with the surrender and imprisonment of Teth-Adam, Rothstein and Hunkel found out that Amon had recovered, so they met with him, giving him a Justice Society cape to make him feel like a superhero, watching Hunkel move the wind to lift the cape, Rothstein appreciated the gesture.[2]

Battle of Kahndaq[]

Black Adam Sneek Peak 055

Rothstein and the team survive a crash landing.

"I tought we made a pretty good team back there. Just saying."
"We made a great team."
"Maybe we could..."
"Don't push it."
―Atom Smasher and Teth-Adam[src]

When Ishmael Gregor was revived with the Crown of Sabbac, Rothstein and the team, accompanied by the Tomazs, headed for Shiruta to attack him from the Hawk Cruiser, but Gregor destroyed it, causing the team to crash-land to survive.

Atom Smasher attacks Sabbac

Atom Smasher attacks Sabbac.

Atom Smasher and Cyclone reunited with Hawkman to fight Gregor, joining forces to defeat him, where Smasher was thrown by Cyclone to ambush Sabbac, allowing Hawkman to attack him, though despite trying to fight, they were defeated. Upon meeting again, Rothstein, Hunkel and Hall went to the Kahndaq Palace to stop Sabbac, however they were stopped by Kent Nelson who prepared to sacrifice himself for them, placing a magical shield so they could not stop him.

Atom Smasher sees Nelson being killed

Atom Smasher sees Kent Nelson being killed.

Hawkman desperately ordered Hunkel and Rothstein to attempt to breach the shield to no avail. Seeing the shield vanish, he ran into the palace, only to arrive and watch in agony as Nelson was killed by Sabbac, causing the team to rage and try to stop him, with Smasher getting big to hit him, but Sabbac sat on the throne and summoned the Legions of Hell, causing a massive explosion that knocked the Society out.

Atom Smasher helps Teth-Adam

Atom Smasher helps Teth-Adam.

Atom Smasher got up from the explosion, to which he watched as Teth-Adam returned to save some civilians from a falling statue, for which Smasher offered his support, holding the statue and asking him to help Hawkman in his fight against Sabbac. With the release of the Legions of Hell, Atom Smasher assisted in fighting them by kicking them, until they vanished when Adam killed Sabbac.

Rothstein bids firewell from Adam

Rothstein bids firewell from Adam.

After the battle, Rothstein returned to his normal size and returned with his companions to Kahndaq's palace, where he saw the Helmet of Fate disintegrate. Before returning to the Society, Rothstein told Adam that they made a good team, something he agreed with, exciting Rothstein, who wondered if they could be allies more often, but Adam cut him off. Rothstein was then called by Hunkel who advised that they had to leave, urging Rothstein who withdrew.[2]


"You have talent Albert... and you sure as hell have heart... you just need a guiding hand."
Al Pratt to Albert Rothstein[src]

What he lacks in experience, Atom Smasher makes up for with brute force and an endless well of youthful optimism.[3] As a fan of superheroes, Rothstein always dreamed with being a vigilante training since then to save people, just like his uncle, being enthusiastic in undertake his first mission to stop a group of criminals, and tried to change his uncle's mind when he was distrustful. Seeing that he couldn't complete it, Rothstein felt himself a disaster, however, he gathered enough courage to face the criminals and complete the mission, but feeling bad for having destroyed everything, and regained confidence when when his uncle invited him to join the Justice Society.

Already in the team, Rothstein was clumsy but very enthusiastic and optimistic to work in the Justice Society, hoping to find his vocation. Always paying attention to his uncle about following Hawkman's orders, Atom Smasher accepted the blame when he screwed up and was scolded by Hall, forming a friendship with Maxine Hunkel as they were both recruits who admired the Justice Society as children and were almost the same age, so seeing that Amon Tomaz was a fan of superheroes, they were generous with him by giving him a cape. When the Society teamed up with Teth-Adam, Smasher was sympathetic to him, helping him so he could stop Sabbac and pointing out that they made a good team.

Powers and Abilities[]


"Sounds delightful. But please tell me you found someone who can pack a punch."
"That's where Atom Smasher comes in. Al Rothstein, nephew to the original Atom Smasher. He inherited his uncle’s powers."
Amanda Waller and Carter Hall[src]
  • Rothstein increasing his size

    Albert Rothstein increasing his size

    Size alteration: Al Rothstein can transform his molecular structure to grow to towering heights.[3] Having inherited this power from his uncle Al Pratt, who used it to fight crime as the hero Atom Smasher, Albert received training from his uncle to control it and be able to use it to one day become a vigilante. During his first mission stopping an arms deal, Rothstein successfully used his power to enlarge after falling on a factory and not take any damage, and then in his mission on Kahndaq, Atom Smasher was able to fight Teth-Adam and the Legions of Hell.
    • Black Adam Trailer 175

      Atom Smasher smashing Teth-Adam

      Superhuman strength: By increasing his size, Rothstein gains greater strength with which to combat the enemies he faces. On his first mission, he grew in size and pushed a group of mercenaries without much difficulty, and later grows up enough to be able to destroy the factory he was in, deciding to flatten the ground, pushing all his enemies and allowing him to flee. During the mission in Kahndaq, he was also capable of holding Teth-Adam down for a short time, though he was ultimately overpowered, as well as strike and destroy the Legions of Hell without hindering.
    • Rothstein resisting fire from Intergang soldiers and mercenaries

      Rothstein resisting multiple shots from Intergang soldiers and mercenaries

      Superhuman durability: As he grows in size, Albert Rothstein's skin becomes increasingly tough, allowing him to withstand all types of enemy shots to a certain extent without taking any damage. On his first mission, Rothstein endured a fall after growing in size, later he grew back in size to withstand all the shots fired by the massed soldiers and mercenaries, where Rothstein proved his great resilience when none of these bullets caused damage, however the durability of the skin did not prevent Rothstein from feeling some pain, Rothstein also constantly covered his face with his hands when shot, being his face as a weak point in terms of durability. At his full size, Rothstein survived a punch from Teth-Adam, though he was rendered unconscious, Rothstein's resilience later allowed him to survive a large explosion from Adam in the Intergang mines, saving Maxine Hunkel by covering for her.


  • Combatant: Being trained in combat by his uncle Al Pratt, Rothstein knows various fighting techniques, dealing blows against various Intergang soldiers, and managing to fight off Ishmael Gregor by hitting him to the ground.


"You got any snacks? It takes a lot of energy to smash atoms."
―Al Rothstein to Maxine Hunkel[src]
  • Metabolism: The change in size in Rothstein's molecular structure causes him to spend a lot of energy rapidly and to be hungry, having the need to eat something in order to recover himself and continue with his fighting, as evidenced by having to buy a can of chicken after having his confrontation with Teth-Adam.


Other equipment[]

  • Atom Smasher's suit: Once used by his uncle Al Pratt to fight crime, Pratt later gifted his suit to Rothstein when he proved ready to become a vigilante. Rothstein uses the suit designed to adapt to his changes in size, growing and shrinking as he does, as well as defending himself from being shot or burned by the enemies Rothstein faces, and protecting his public identity by operating on missions as the Atom Smasher. The suit is made up of red and blue tones, carrying the Atom Smasher logo on the chest along with white eyes on the mask, likewise the suit has bracelets on the hands and a gold one on the hip, knee pads and white boots.







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  • In the DC comics, Albert Rothstein is the godson of the first Atom, Al Pratt, and later became the superhero known as Atom Smasher and Nuklon. Atom Smasher is known for his power of growth and super strength. Atom Smasher was also invited to join the reunited Justice Society of America.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Atom Smasher in the DC Extended Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by Adam Copeland.
  • An early concept version of Atom Smasher's first costume would have involved a Halloween costume version of the Batcape.[6]


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