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Atlantean soldiers are the military force of the Kingdom of Atlantis and are the kingdom's front line army of defense.


Invasion of Earth

Early Atlanteans soldiers during the time of the Invasion of Earth.

During the First Invasion of Earth, the armies of Atlantis led by King Atlan sided with the Amazons and the tribes of Men to fight off Darkseid's armies and prevented the destruction of Earth from the Apokoliptian conqueror. Aided by the Old Gods and Green Lantern Yalan Gur, the armies of Earth fought off the invaders and successfully defeated them, despite suffering many casualties during the war.

Atlanna's capture

In 1985, after Queen Atlanna was found living with her husband Tom Curry and their son Arthur in Maine, the soldiers, by orders of King Orvax arrived and demanded that she return to Atlantis with them. Atlanna fought off and defeated all of them, but she later chose to abandon her family to return to the sea to keep them safe.[1]

War for Atlantis

Attack on Atlantis

When Atlantis was attacked by David Kane's hijacked submarine, the Atlantean soldiers, along with the Xebelian soldiers, fought back against the invaders from the surface.[1]

Working with Black Manta

Under the order of King Orm, the Atlantean soldiers worked with Black Manta and gave him Atlantean weaponry and armor, in hopes that he would kill Arthur Curry.[1]

Attack on Sicily

A squad of Atlantean soldiers were sent to assist Kane after tracking Mera and Arthur Curry to Sicily. They ordered Mera to surrender, but Mera ultimately rebelled and fought them. They chased Mera around the rooftops for a while until they were defeated by Mera.[1]

Battle of the Brine

During the Battle of the Brine, the Atlantean soldiers fought against the Brine, suffering many casualties as a result.[1]



  • Armor: The typical soldier infantry wore standard white armor, that augments their physical strength and durability; It also had an advanced targeting system. The Soldiers closest to King Orm wore a red, heavy and bulky armor that includes a booster engine in their back and their calves. The suits included a very unique feature involving their H2O reserves: under certain circumstances, it can be converted into a viscous material similar to gel (a noteworthy example being from the Attack on Sicily: when Mera used one of the soldier's swords to cut off his hand, drink briefly leaks out where he was wounded, before the suit apparently converts it into gel to cauterize the injury).
  • Hydro-pulse rifles: All Atlantean soldiers are issued with powerful hydro pulse rifles.
  • Atlantean energy swords: Certain Atlantean soldiers utilize energy swords for melee combat.
  • Atlantean warships: The Atlantean soldiers have access to a wide variety of Atlantean warships, which was very evident in the Battle of the Brine.

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